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Assessment help needed for "Branding and Identity"

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  • Assessment help needed for "Branding and Identity"

    Hi. One of my assessment for branding and identity requires me to create a video of a real situation of negotiating with a client. Having no real world experienceI have no idea what to say and do here so really need some advice from all of you.
    Its a rebranding project and original budget was $20,000 and time frame was 3 months. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the budget has to be cut short from $20,000 tp $15,000 and time frame would be 2 months. How would you manage this situation as it is impossible for you to finish a 3 months job in 2 months and what would you offer the client?

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    First off, I'm happy your instructor is giving you a realistic problem to tackle instead of just another make-it-look-nice assignment.

    Anyway, every brand identity project is different. They can be anything from developing a logo and stationery to a full-blown redo of a corporation's visual identity that involves tons of research and all kinds of things that extend beyond graphic design.

    A $20,000 project would be more than a logo and stationery, but a lot less than a big corporation revamp.

    You haven't said what that $20,000 was to be spent on in that branding/identity job, but cutting it back by a quarter to $15,000 means cutting out some of the components of the project or scaling back on the implementation of a few things or pushing them down the road to a later date when the client might have a bigger budget.

    So just for the sake of an example, let's say the client sells widgets. Their existing look is that of a budget brand, but the client's gut instincts tell them them that their widgets should be targeted at a higher-end audience that prefers quality over cost savings.

    Let's also say that the initial $20,000 budget was planned to include some basic marketing research (let's say focus groups) to determine whether or not the client's gut instincts about upping their brand to have a higher-end look would be warranted and better position their widgets to sell and make money. In addition, let's say that a logo revamp was probably needed, along with packaging redos of their seven varieties of widgets. Let's also say that there's some advertising involved in a few well-targeted consumer magazines and, say, Facebook ads, for example.

    If that's what $20,000 will buy in this hypothetical situation, and if a quarter of the budget disappears, this means cutting back on what can be done. Just for the sake of the example, let's say the client is certain their gut instincts are right and that they're willing to gamble on their gut instincts and forego or cut back on the market research. Well, that could be one way to shave $5,000 off the cost and would also shave a month of the time frame for completing the project.

    Or let's say that the client really wants to make sure they're proceeding down the right track and wants the marketing research done. Okay, then, maybe the Facebook ad component could be eliminated or the magazine ads could be cut back to run in fewer publications over a shorter period of time with an eye toward continuing the campaign into the following year when the client will have additional money to spend on it.

    I've only spelled out one hypothetical situation in dozens of similar, equally plausible scenarios. Like I said, every job of this sort is different, but budget cutbacks are a very common situation, and what I've spelled out is fairly representative of a realistic scenario.

    What's important is to propose cutbacks that have the least impact on achieving the client goals while still delivering tangible results to the client. Depending on the situation, it might also be good to propose a road map for moving forward when the client might have more money to spend on extending the new branding/identity/advertising campaign.

    For example, it would make no sense to spend a bunch of money on marketing research if there would be no money left over to do the thing the marketing research suggested needed to be done. However, it might make sense to spend that money on research, if the client fully anticipates having the budget in following months to move ahead with a bigger campaign.

    Another example... It would make little sense to run higher-end ads for this client while skipping the packaging redo to match the personality of what the ads suggested.

    Whatever you might propose to the client in cutting back, the project still has to make sense in terms of delivering benefit to the client. To put it another way, let's say you wanted to buy a new car and went to the dealer. Unfortunately, the car you had in turns out to cost more than you had to spend. In that situation, you'd just need to get a less expensive car that would still meet your needs. What you wouldn't do is propose that the dealer sell you the original car, but eliminate the wheels or the seats or the transmission to save you money. Likewise, whatever you might trim from a client's initial want list, needs to be done in a way that still delivers a comprehensive, usable package to the client. You can't just start chopping in a way that gives the client a nice car but one without an engine.


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      The only way to complete a 3 month project in 2 months is to hire additional help to do it. Cutting the budget is not a way to get the original scope of the project done.

      Everything B said, dittoed.

      Because this is a school project, and because I was one to bend the rules a bit, I'd illustrate in your video the fact the budget was cut, in some way. Like you playing all the parts. Or maybe doing video with no sound (captioned) or something along that line.
      But don't do it if your professor has no sense of humor. Don't risk a grade on being a jerk.


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        Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
        I'd illustrate in your video the fact the budget was cut, in some way. Like you playing all the parts. Or maybe doing video with no sound (captioned) or something along that line.
        Good point. I suppose making a well-made video is part of the assignment too, which is interesting in that this project is sort of two totally different assignments in one. Sounds like a good instructor.


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          Hi Livewhirl and welcome to GDF.

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            I have a question for the OP.
            Assessment. What does it mean? Is it like a final exam? Or a pre-entrance exam to get into a program? Or a semester long project?
            Just curious. It's come up a few times and I'm wondering if we're making it too easy for students by giving them ''ideas.''
            The whole graphic design/visual communications career is about trying to find ways to identify and solve design challenges that will arise in real life jobs in the field.






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