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  • New Wedding Invitation Mock-Ups

    Okay, some more work up for criticism...

    Sorry theyre a bit large... you'll live. Would like to hear thoughts, I know #2 is a bit clip-artish, but well I like it (sort of) but Im doing some invites for a couple getting married in Mexico, but they are "gringos" and are from Iowa. So, this is what Ive given them to date... They havent looked yet. But any thoughts?

    Also, #1 obviously the bottom piece hasnt been "dirtied" yet, and the font I hate, but its close maybe... and #3 I LOVE, but the script font needs to be a little bit easier to read, but I like the script?

    Anyways, thanks, always nice to hear the +/- of my work from REAL critics


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    I love #3!!!


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      #3, but you're right - the font and twirly bits (damn, what're they called again? i always forget that word...filibusters? pedigrees? damn...) don't work yet. the illustration is fab, so i'd like to see a font that works with that. ever considered something hand-written? or at least that looks it?

      well done.

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        Keyare said...
        I love #3!!!

        Me too!! #2 probably has my second vote....great job, glad to see your working on a new project!

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          UC: Never thought of a hand written type font, or even some real handwriting in Illustrator or something, nice idea. Ill check that out ASAP.

          D-Frag: Yes new projects are always good Thx

          I love #3 too, I finished it and was impressed. Im my own worst critic so I knew I had to be on to something!

          Thanks everybody, keep them coming!



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            *d-frag = noob = my asterisk!*

            "real handrwriting in illustrator"??? just write on a piece of paper and scan it man. Or find a lady to write it. I find ladies have nicer handwriting than guys. Don't wast time trying to draw it in illustrator. (unless I misunderstood what you were saying)

            Your style is very cool. very. very cool.

            Even the watermark lends it some cool texture.

            Except #2. We'll just pretend that didn't happen okay?

            Post Edited (Keyare) : 6/5/2004 5:34:32 AM GMT


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              i wasn't too fond of #2 either ... #3 definitely the strongest design. i agree with the font suggestions, maybe try carlotta, everett steele's hand, ex ponto (one of my favorite) or voluta script. i think the ornamental design at the top and bottom of the text could use some more detail. since you're going for a mexican theme, those patterns are more decorative and ornate. right now it just looks like a simple illustrator pattern. i like the style and where you are going with it ... very original for wedding invitations.
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                I'm late....AGAIN....but I love #3! It's awesome!

                Who says doodling isn't constructive?!
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                  I love the style that you've used and the faded look and texture. The illustration in #3 is not my favourite. Also maybe the cacti in #2 are a little bit too cartoony for the wedding? So I think #1 would get my vote. Could you make the twirly bit at the bottom a bit more textured like the one at the top? Also, trying new fonts might be good, although it's OK. Love that paper texture!

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                    Yeah, the font's definately need to be changed, but their general style is close. In #1 the bottom piece hadn't been 'dirtied and faded' yet, I wanted the client to see what it started as, and finished as if that makes sense....

                    When I said 'real handwriting in illustrator' I mean actually doing the handwriting, scanning it, cleaning it a bit in PS, sending it through Streamline, and then further cleaning it in Illustrator, that way I can scale it up or down depending on what I need for sizing etc.



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                      that's gonna be a lot of cleaning up, especially text ...
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                        as a mexican, *cough*, i'd have to say that #3 looks the best.
                        and by 'the best', i mean 'less of a horrible mexican impersonation'.

                        and by that i mean 'the other two look like some kind of 'TOUR MEXICO!'
                        postcards you'd find in a gas station in canada'.


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                          LOL @ xo! 'in canada' I hear ya!


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                            xosteve.. hehe brutal honesty, thanks I guess I DONT disagree, BUT it is supposed to be a little cliche, its SUPPOSED to look like an advertisement/postcard etc. from Mexico, so I guess I hit the nail on the head then? I missed the from Canada part though.. never been there

                            3Howards... Ive actually got that handwriting into Ill. process down pretty good, I dont clean it up to much as it is supposed to look hand done, but yeah its a bit time consuming.

                            Interesting though, I got a response back from the client, and she DIDNT like #3, which I like a lot still, and will use for something in the future Im sure, I think she wants to stay away from people in the invite, and go with something inanimate instead... Cactus/Fountain/Something Blatantly Mexican in nature.

                            So back to the drawing board... will post again after another make-over

                            Thanks again, for all the input!


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                              This is the current progression from the first post. The client did not like the people on the invitation, she wants to stick with inanimate objects... let me know what you guys think.. still havent really touched the font choice and border on top/bottom








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