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  • Mexican Restaurant Logo Ideas

    Well, this would have to be my first time designing a logo outside of school and I need some help. I'm designing it for a friend. He just opened up a mexican restaurant and he was in a hurry to open it so he paid some sign company to design his logo and it sucks. Anyways I figured I'd show him some ideas so that way if he likes them I could redo his menu as well. I'm doing it mainly to build up my portfolio. So here is what I got so far. Oh yeah it's supposed to be Tabasco's mexican restaurant and patio so i'll have to change the text under the logo's later.

    All hints, tips, tricks, crits are welcome.

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  • #2
    I like the 4th one (the one with the outline around the whole text). I can see that on a menu and it can be made into a sign very easily. The 1st one reminds me on Olive Garden cause i think they use that leaf (or similar). The last 2 look like a label for a bottle. The 5th one is ok but the big & is distracting. But good job over all.

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    • #3
      i agree with defjoe... the 4th one would look perfect as a mexican resturant!


      • #4
        can you use the name tabasco without violating a copyright infringement?

        if so i wanna open Microsoft's Pub and Grill


        • #5
          Yeah thats what I thought at first too but i guess it's a name of a city in mexico. He hasnt got any heat yet.

          Thanks for the advice with the logos guys. Appreciate it.

          "Masters in all branches of art must first be masters of living, for the soul creates everything." ---Bruce Lee


          • #6
            do some research....

            look at on the border's logo...

            there are tons of possibilities with a mexican rest.

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            • #7
              Great so far guber! I have to agree with Joe on #1 & 2 resembling Olive Garden. They are nice logos but not right for a mexican resteraunt maybe...

              I like the one Joe likes and also the one below it. The ampersand is a lil large in that one but maybe if you lose the black box and maybe drop it behind in a shade of that brick color you are using in the name 'tabasco'?

              Also...on the one Joe liked...could you maybe take the sun swirly thing from the one above it and add it to that one? I like that thing for some reason - hehe ;o)

              I think you have some great more when you get a chance so we can see an update!

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              • #8
                I like #1. Depends on the vibe he's trying to give though I suppose.

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                • #9
                  haha at that PHOTOSHOP custom chili shape,

                  they're all top work!


                  • #10
                    I like the 4th one also, but I would try to work in some cool flames! You know like cartoonish flames?


                    • #11
                      think somberao (misspelled)

                      bold spicy hot food.....catcus plants

                      taco shells margariats (misspelled)


                      you could have the name of the place with a little somberao on the first letter

                      think BOLD and POP not soft colors and imagery

                      JUST LAUNCHED - - check it out


                      • #12
                        3 & 4

                        keep the redish colourscheme!!!!


                        • #13
                          I will do a little more research and try to make some updates and post them sometime next week. No guarantee's though cuz me and my girl are going out toArizona next week. We're gonna check out the Art Institute of Phoenixand look for apartments.
                          Anyways I appreciate everyone's advice. Thanks.

                          "Masters in all branches of art must first be masters of living, for the soul creates everything." ---Bruce Lee


                          • #14
                            I like the 3rd and 4th. 5th isn't bad either.

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                            • #15
                              i like the 3rd one the best b/c it's a simplified approach to the 'mexcian' theme. the last idea has potential, but i think it still needs more work. graphics like that vignette are usually more detailed like with an ornate border that's patterned. i also don't like the horizontal gradient, try a vertical one to play off of the 'sunset in the desert' theme. i know this is cliche, but maybe a more illustrative logo with the head of a 'pancho villa' type character. even some nopales (cactus), but not the overused 'arizona' cactus ...
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