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  • My New Website

    Hi, I just completed my personal website, which includes a portfolio and a blog.
    Any opinions appreciated. I'm using this website for trying to land freelance jobs and possibly applying for a job in the future.
    Visit it at Link removed at posters request

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    An OK start. Needs a bit more pieces in it to show what you can do.

    First thing that I noticed is that your branding section is just logo work. That tells me you don't know what branding is and that you think logos and branding are the same thing. They're not.

    Soundbox poster: Do not separate a website url into 3 lines.

    Should be:
    It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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      Your website, t-zen and ruiiur look like they are all built from a single template


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        thanks, those are valid points. I'll try to change some details.






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        • B
          Reply to Help Creating Textures In Illustrator
          I can't give you the exact recipe for creating textures like you've shown because they were all created, as you just mentioned, using various filters, brushes, and other tools in Photoshop.
          Today, 02:46 PM
        • aregvan
          Reply to Need Logo criticize
          All very good points. Thank you for your feedback, this is greatly appreciated....
          Today, 02:46 PM
        • waverace
          Reply to Help Creating Textures In Illustrator
          Alright! I'm just planning to use these textures in my personal art projects for the time being. I don't particularly want to get in the habit of doing things "wrong" but don't have to worry...
          Today, 01:05 PM
        • Ms.O
          Reply to Design Team Question
          i think i agree. i see it as too many of cooks in the kitchen. we all get along as co-workers, but we each have our own style and ownership of our own set of projects.

          i don't think it sounds...
          Today, 12:57 PM
        • PrintDriver
          Reply to Help Creating Textures In Illustrator
          First you have to determine if doing them in photoshop is the correct route to take. For instance, if you are creating a logo, using photoshop (and these textures in general) would be a bad idea.
          Today, 12:36 PM
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