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Pool ball logo. All constructive criticism welcome.

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  • Pool ball logo. All constructive criticism welcome.

    Good evening, everyone.

    I designed this logo for a gentlemen who creates pool and billiard games. All thoughts gratefully received.

    Many thanks.

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    If the entire ball is meant to be the logo, the text will be far too small to read once it's reduced to fit on a business card or other small applications.
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      Eeeee....have you ever priced a custom pool ball with an all-over design? And what the run needs to be? Or do you have a source for American Flag cue balls with a customizable white space? Most of the ''custom'' stuff out there does not extend much larger than the area of your circle logo.

      Let alone the fact that a cueball with added art isn't exactly considered suitable for scoring play. There are balance reasons why a cueball is normally all white.

      As a novelty yes, this may work. But how many people are going to pay high $XX for a novelty cueball?
      As a giveaway? Better check that business plan.

      As for the circle logo itself it is yet another iteration of the ''initials mashups'' that are rarely successful.
      On this one, when the name in the outer circle is right reading, the initials are upside down. At first glance that may seem to be a good idea, but not in this case. This one looks like the company name is ''Made in America.''
      Lose the word ''by''
      Try it right reading with the Made in America smaller
      Try it with a different logo that doesn't require reversing the K if you want to stick with the initials for some reason.
      Try some more sketches to get beyond the generic initial thing. Sketches are for getting beyond the ideas that seem to be a good idea but really aren't.
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        Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
        Eeeee....have you ever priced a custom pool ball with an all-over design? And what the run needs to be?
        Good evening, Print Driver.

        That did make me chuckle, sir. That was my exact job until recently retiring, I must have bought and sold literally hundreds of thousands of pool balls from the major manufacturing plants in Belgium and China, including some of my own design. That's how the games inventor gentleman became an acquaintance.

        To answer your question briefly, larger runs of customised billiard balls are not so expensive as one might imagine. For something like the example, above, it would be a minimum initial order of 1,600 balls at a cost of $2 per unit FOB.

        It's irrelevant here, however, as this isn't going into production as an actual ball, merely a logo design for the boxes and instruction sheets. I am most grateful for all your other thoughts and advice, sir, this is very much a first draft and your suggestions are much appreciated.

        Thank you very much indeed.


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          Originally posted by KitchWitch View Post
          If the entire ball is meant to be the logo, the text will be far too small to read once it's reduced to fit on a business card or other small applications.
          Good evening, Kitch.

          The logo is intended to be the whole ball, the text appearing in what is meant to represent a pool ball's traditional white spot.

          I take on board your comments about illegibility at smaller sizes. I'm hoping it won't be an issue as the artwork is not going to be shrunk that small.

          Many thanks indeed for your kind welcome and comments. Very much appreciated.


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            It's not often one runs into a pool ball salesman. That's funny.

            I have to price some crazy things in the ''show biz'' side of my job.


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              I'm not a designer or a graphics person. I came here to ask for help with a font. But I used to be a wannabe pool player and your post caught my eye. Here's my 2 cents from the perspective of an average consumer.

              Visually, I like the design. It's colorful and eye-catching. But I agree with everything both KW and PD said. If the logo is large enough so the letters are readable, it will overwhelm a business card or letterhead. If it is small enough, the letters will be unreadable. I also agree that the text is in the wrong order (upside down) and the "by" is unnecessary and confusing.

              I would solve all of those problems by getting rid of all of the text entirely. Logos are graphics, not text. With just the circle and the initials, the logo would be cleaner, less cluttered, and even more eye-catching. And the initials would stand out more.

              With the text gone, the initials can be larger, which would help. I’d actually make the circle larger, too, but if your customer wants it the same relative size as on real pool balls, so be it.

              If you eliminate the text, the logo can be pretty much any size. And then he is free to put the text whenever he wants to without changing the logo. The name of the company might need to be different on a card than on a letterhead (font, size, color). And the “Made in America” could be featured or eliminated as needed.

              Now the nerd in me needs to make a couple of observations. The circle is above the center and slightly to the right. To my eye, it looks like it is not centered by accident. I think raising it from the horizontal by about the amount you have it is good. I would like to compare that with having it dead center, but probably raised is better. But I think I would have it centered left to right. If you do have it to the right of center, I think it needs to be more to the right so that it looks intentional, not accidental.

              Finally, the shadow is too small. I don’t think a real shadow can be smaller than the object. This probably doesn’t matter at all, but I did notice it.

              Anyway, I hope this was helpful. Good luck.


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                Good morning, Cynthia.

                Many thanks indeed for your valuable feedback, it is sincerely appreciated.

                Fortunately, most of the suggestions for improvement thus far seem to focus around the text rather than the ball itself, so this is a very easy fix for me. You are correct in your thoughts about the placement of the spot, I did skew it slightly off-kilter on purpose. I take on board your comments concerning removing the circular text altogether and repositioning the spot further edgewards, I'll certainly try both and consider the results carefully.

                As a former pool player I'd be interested to hear your views on my other billiard-related project posted up on The Crit Pit.

                Once again, many thanks for your generous input, it's extremely useful and gratefully received.

                Best wishes,


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                  Agreed on the white circle needing to be centered on dividing line between blue/white stars and red/white stripes. The overall positioning of the ball though, I like it not perfectly centered.

                  And if truly for, "...the boxes and instruction sheets." then I also agree that removing the text and enlarging/cleaning up the inner logo would be better use of space given the smaller print sizes. Heck, if you can do circular with a transparent canvas (digital), or circular e.g. stickers, then getting rid of the shadow would also be easy way to simplify. Shadows are hard especially if the design is going to be used on different mediums. And if you added text next to it in the future (like the company name), now you have to put a shadow with the same direction on it...slippery slope.

                  All that said, I dig the ball design, and would honestly buy a couple to have around sans logo. Who can make balls like that if you don't mind me asking?



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