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Hi, I'm new here. Rate my work?

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  • Hi, I'm new here. Rate my work?

    I've been off and on from designing in my freetime for 5ish years now. I never went to school for it or anything, I just learn as I go and adapt to this and that. Some of these will be logo's, ads, etc.

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    Hi IWrath and welcome to GDF.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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      Honestly, it looks like the kind of generic, one-off work typically done for crowdsourcing contest sites.

      You have a nice eye for aesthetics, but most of it comes across as a bit superficial and lacking in the kind of depth that comes from a thorough analysis of client goals. Instead, my guess is that you've created most of the work in the vacuum of simply delivering what clients say they want without fully analyzing their underlying objectives, developing strategies, and delivering the kinds of tactical solutions they really need instead of what they simply might have asked for.

      Of course with a crowdsourcing approach it's difficult to go much further than making nice-looking stuff that caters to clients' often-naive ideas about what they think they need. It's even more difficult to make any money at it. It's really too bad because you do have talent, but I don't see much evidence of anything but the bad habits picked up through self-study and catering to whims of cheapskate clients you never meet.


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        Originally posted by IWrath View Post
        I never went to school for it or anything, I just learn as I go and adapt to this and that.

        It shows.

        I know that sounds mean or cruel, but on just about every example on the first link I am seeing things that no one with a real foundation would allow to be seen by the client.

        OLYMPUS: This could be for anything really, but the illustration shows that you never too Art History 101. Greek (and Roman) architecture is esteemed through the ages on principles that you chose to completely ignore. You left off important elements (which would not hamper the illustration's simplicity) and paid no attention to proportion. The thin and inconsistent lines are irritating and careless.

        Bonnie Doon: What is that, five colors? Client will have a fine time dealing with making banners and swag.
        There are little small nodes/ strokes along the bottom of each triangle. That should have been taken care of and never shown to a client. No need for the quotation marks around the tagline. The tagline is too small and the font is too thin.

        S & G: this composition is off and the gray on gray isn't helping.

        AA design: why is it distorted like that? Note the tiny amount of the dark gray 'A' peeking behind the bottom of the green-blue one. Why is that there? why was that not dealt with?

        Cafe Culture: Looks off balance, the steam looks like a flame.

        The Seltz Team: WHY is this on a black background? Did you not notice how hard it is to read? What is that red and gray shape supposed to be? It is yet another logo with more than 4 colors. DON'T treat your clients like dirt.

        Toledo Race Factory: You came close on the logo mark but decided not to finish what you started. Again: WHY is this on a black background?

        Striking Cloud: I don't really get this. I mean I see it is a cloud. but otherwise? Another logo with too many colors

        Liquid: Sort of cute, but again: take note of the number of colors used.

        Lasa: The big L doesn't have its corners aligned. Details like this are important. The glass is tilted, yet the wine in the glass is defying gravity--

        M design? Is that an M or another take on AA? Look where the orange shapes are crossing over each other-- very, very sloppy.

        Illustration of Houses with city in background. Nice enough, but not to be used as a logo.

        Harper Hill Media: Looks like 3 colors when it could have been done with 2. Typography needs to be reconsidered. When the lettering gives you one lone descender you need to strategize around that. All caps, small caps, different arrangement, an underline or something

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            Even with it seeming to be harsh criticism a lot of the information that is available here is good information. With a lot of the feed back here I would be repeating the same.






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