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Different Thinking is not a Crime

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  • Different Thinking is not a Crime

    Hello everybody.
    Haven't done artwork for months.
    Here's what i did for a adverts usage maybe.
    Click image for larger version

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    At a glance, the light bulb looks like a bullet traveling through someones head as if they put a gun in their mouth. I don't think that the mushroom cloud is helping whatever message you are trying to get across.


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    It might be a crime in the upcoming Trumpocalypse.


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      Adverts usage?
      Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.


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        Hm... I like the initial concept and the message but the execution could maybe use some work. Just from a first look, there are a lot of elements I don't think you need. Like designzombie said, the mushroom cloud isn't 100% necessary, but I'd also argue that the pointing finger and the star graphics aren't either. Another thing I see is the differences in your font choice. My bet is that if you stuck to maybe one or two fonts, your image would look a bit more cohesive.

        Overall, it's a solid start though! The colors are great and the composition is strong. Excited to see where you take it from here!


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          Originally posted by Dungiov View Post
          Here's what i did for a adverts usage maybe.
          Specific advertising objectives must be determined before an ad is designed to accomplish them, not the other way around.

          As for the artwork, you have artistic talent and a sense of style, but your concept and aesthetic choices are those of an adolescent, which is fine if you're 16 or 17. Professionally, though, nope, your tastes aren't going to make the cut until they mature a bit more. Your opinions and concerns are showing through in your work, which is great for a personal, fine arts project meant to express oneself, but it's not suitable for professional, client-oriented design and illustration.

          Your concept in this work strikes me as a visually interesting version of those insipid inspirational images people post on Facebook that are always accompanied by superficially impressive-sounding bits of written pablum that actually mean next to nothing.

          "Different thinking is not crime." Who said that it was a crime? For that matter, Apple's hugely successful "Think Different" ad campaign was built upon the very assumption of different thinking being a positive quality that would resonate with potential buyers.

          Your particular quote and imagery, on the other hand, comes across as the whiny angst of a socially awkward teenager who's frustrated that his thoughts, actions and priorities aren't being understood, appreciated or taken seriously. Then again, maybe that was your objective, in which case you succeeded.


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            @designzombie Haha, really it looks like a bullet! I didn't saw that. The mushroom idea was to recall for an explosion of ideas. I haven't inlcuded many thoughts in the text.

            @sno0ze_ For the pointing finger i agree. You are right! The star was supposed to be an "A", but it seems it was a bad realisation. I will use that advice about the fonts, thanks. Thanks for the critique!

            B I wrote that , because i want to learn online marketing, too aswell and combine them. Thanks for the monition.
            For bad news i'm not that years old and i feel backward now. I hope this forum helps me to succeed that.
            Can you advice me how can i improve myself to forward professional way? I will really appreaciate this.






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