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A Gift for my sons room! Allow me to know your thoughts or suggestions, please.

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  • A Gift for my sons room! Allow me to know your thoughts or suggestions, please.

    Hello All,

    My son loves Captain America so I decided to do a photoshoot for him dressed as C.A. But he didn't know that I was making him his own movie poster staring himself. I'm working on getting a backlit poster frame made for his room. let me know your thoughts almost ready to go and print. Thanks in advance to all!

    P.S. The bottom is cut off because there is a message from myself and his mother with our full names.
    Camera used: Nikon D800
    Software used: Lightroom and Photoshop CS 6 Extended
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    I think the production values, general concept and layout of the photo is good.

    What I think can be greatly improved is the typography.

    Specifically: where the emphasis is placed in the typography.

    At the moment, 'starring Avora' is heavily overshadowing the 'Captain America' typography.

    I think it should be the other way around.

    Why do I say that?

    Your target audience (I assume it's primarily your son, your family and friends) all know who the person in the photo is. It doesn't need to be spelled out in bold, in giant type.

    In short, Captain America should shout, who it stars should whisper - just like on a real C.A. poster.

    Or better still, I think the poster and the concept could be even stronger without his name on it at all (but retain Capt. America), as it's obvious it's your son anyway.

    If you must include his name and other names, you could do it in movie poster style using a typeface such as Univers 39 Ultra Condensed or just Google 'credit block' or 'film poster credit template' for some ideas.



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      Very cool.


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        I'm new to this forum but I agree with Pavlo regarding the typography; although I must admit I'll likely steal your idea when my son is of age






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