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Trifold Brochure for Children's Chess Lessons

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  • Trifold Brochure for Children's Chess Lessons

    I am creating a trifold brochure for someone offering chess lessons to kids. I have no clue what direction to go in terms of layout and design. There isn't much text for most of the brochure so that is a challenge. I need the brochure to look more engaging but don't know what to go. I don't mind the grey color even though it's about lessons for kids but I feel the main audience would be the parents. One of my problems is that I don't know what hierarchy the text should have. If anyone have a suggestions on a better layout and font(s) to use it would be appreciated.Thanks.
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    I really like the final v2 idea. My main concern is does he really need a tri-fold when he can use a Half-fold instead. Reason for this suggestion is it will allow for a more uniform spread of the information.

    - The front can be the logo and title/sub title or slogan.
    - Inside can be description and bio wit contact information.
    - The back can repeat office/ Business location and a thank you message IMO.


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      If you don't know what direction to go, I would recommend research on children's chess, education, classes, etc., and speaking to your client to find out what they want to get across and/or emphasize.
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        Watch your folds. The text seems too close on all the panels and folders never fold exactly where you want them to.


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          Are these two sides of the same brochure?

          On the gray one,
          You have rivers running through your justified text.
          You have a terrible widow in there. A two letter word on the last line of a paragraph?
          You force justify everything in the first two panels and jam the leading, both making it all very difficult to read (I stopped trying about 3 lines down.)
          Yet, on the third panel you left justify your text. And make it so small it is still difficult to read.
          The text over the image is impossible to read.

          On the color image
          The boy is missing an arm yet has grown an aged hand. It's never a good idea to amputate body parts.
          I was so fascinated by this, I couldn't tell you what the copy suggested.


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            Color image side:
            Text on the left hand side is extremely tight--I don't see the need to have it justified. For a small paragraph like that you really don't need to have THREE hyphenated words. Just do a flush left, rag right. Maybe loosen up the tracking and the leading.
            Same goes for the second paragraph, the text is flowing poorly due to the justified text. Keep the states with the cities (don't allow the state to get bumped to the next line). Remember, you don't have a lot of text there so you have the space to get it right.

            The photo: Not a great photo for the technical reasons PD stated, but I cannot imagine it working well in any of the folds.

            Personally I don't like working on tri-folds at all, but you need to have a STRONG presentation on the front fold--you definitely don't have that. The kid's face is getting cut off awkwardly by the fold. Find another photo.

            The gray side:
            I don't think you really need the paragraph headings at all on the "About the program" and "Bio" they are almost completely redundant. Either get rid of them or write better headlines. I mean the "Bio" headline can simply be the instructor's name.
            The program blurb again doesn't need to be justified. Loosen it up. Don't get so tight against the margins. Get a photo under or above it.

            The middle panel: I see why you have that tall thin text box--because you want to get the entirety of the photo:. The problem is the photo isn't all that great--you don't need to treat it like such a big feature of the brochure. If you can't get a better photo, just reduce the size of it and try to compose a more generous text box.

            The benefits is way too wordy--and in some places incomprehensible. (#4 especially). Get the benefits down to 1-3 easily read, simple but smart selling points. I don't think you really need to number the points--how about using a different chessman for each bullet?

            Chess is a game with GREAT graphic potential. You have tremendous opportunity to fill out space and make things interesting.

            I think unfortunately you are highlighting some of the biggest turn-offs about the game: it is stodgy, it is tight, it is humorless.
            Focus on the excitement, the grandeur and the wit. Yeah, it is a challenging game, but it is still a game.
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              I agree that the cover photo is going to look bad when the brochure is folded. Holy hyphen city, Batman!

              On the inside, don't put the text box over the man's head, he's fighting for space there. And yeah, there's no need to justify the paragraphs. If you want to convey friendliness and fun, chose a different typeface. I'm not a fan of the reverse type either. Depending how your grey is set up and how good your printer is, it could look fuzzy when it gets printed.

              If you don't know where to start, hire a graphic designer. Or, browse some templates on stock sites and stick with them. Of course I advocate the former, but I'm also a realist.


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                Thank you for all the helpful feedback
                BlackTagMedia – I will see how a halfold will work but the client said he wanted trifold which I think wasn’t necessary
                KipWitch – I will do some more research. Pinterest doesn’t have a good source for design inspiration. The client doesn’t know what he wants
                44 Designs – yes, the text is too close to the fold. Thanks.
                PrintDriver – I will have to look for a source for good images. I couldn’t use the photos that the client gave me because the quality was poor. I will fix the text layout
                Seamas – Appreciate the detailed feedback, should I use a halfold like BlackTagMedia suggested? I am doing this pro bono so I didn’t sign on to do copywriting but I will see if I can make the Benefits text more interesting. I agree it is rather boring. I will input the suggested changes and repost.
                Salsa – any font suggestion – Yes, Bebas Neue is a bit heavy and conveys the wrong feeling but not sure what would be a good choice.






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