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Could I have your input on page design for an illustrated dictionary?

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  • Could I have your input on page design for an illustrated dictionary?

    Hello! I am writing a "Dictionary of Color" that will explain the origin of about 1,500 "names" for colors and provide swatches illustrating them. I want a simple but effective page layout. Could I have your input about this idea for a 6" x 9" page? I'm not crazy about the narrow columns but this does work well from a "mechanical" point of view - it results in just about the right number of new entries on every spread. I should explain what I mean by "right number". Some of the entries are illustrated with photographs, and I have a lot of flexibility in that area - I can add or delete them as needed to make a spread come out nicely. But all entries also get one or more swatches that illustrate the color and provide its Munsell notation - that is what you see on the inside margin. Too many entries on the page and I have too many swatches to deal with in the available space. Too few entries on the page and my page count rises alarmingly. The font is H&F Chronicle 9pt. This is intended for print production.

    Thank you in advance for your time!

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