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    Hey guys,

    My first time posting.

    So my friend asked me to design him a logo for his company "Kush Kingdom Australia" - he likes to classify it as an Educational Brand.
    The brand is essentially a promotional company for Cannabis Hemp, and will range everything from hemp clothing to bed & kitchen wear, to formal wear,
    to hemp concrete & housing ect... ect... so it's a - movement / trend / educational organisation ect... so the concept of the logo i thought would be something for a
    tent-pole franchise where this company would cover lots and lots of other companies underneath it.

    now to the design, obviously it's a weed leaf due to - hemp - but i also wanted to make it less noticeable, so people don't just look at it and think "oh something to do with marijuana smoking, i'm outta here"
    so i decided to incorporate the two K's from "Kush Kingdom" as negative space facing outward on each side of the leaf & at the crown of the middle leaf i included a very vague outline of the "Gold Coast (QLD, Australia) since it's "Kush Kingdom Australia" & we're from / based in the gold coast - the middle building is a reference to the tallest high-rise building in QLD which is the Q1.

    very much looking forward to your feedback... and please don't hold back!

    Kush Kingdom Australia
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    Why incorporate the weed leaf at all? For most of the products you mention, the strain of plant grown for hemp is not even close to drug grade. In some countries it is illegal to grow plants for hemp that are drug grade.

    The uses defined by your friend are more on the order of a ''cordage/fiber/fabric'' use rather than a smoking/eating use.
    Why confuse the two in the public mind?
    A little more research is in order.

    As for the ''logo'', try displaying it without all the bevel-emboss, effects and drops shadows. Too much of that bling crap confuses the look.
    From what I can see, you are trying to incorporate too much detail but I'm not sure of the intent behind all of the breaks. Right now the heavy effects are making it top heavy compared to the text and weighty, like a rock.

    What happens when they build a bigger high rise? The other question is why are you using someone else's building in your friend's logo. Not up on Australian laws for trademark but in some instances buildings are actually protected, as far as design representation, by both trademark and copyright. Might want to check.
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      Hi Archon2311 and welcome to GDF.

      We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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        I think you have too many things going on.

        If you want to NOT tie in the industrial hemp with the recreational drug, you should probably drop the leaf entirely and focus on the aspects of the product that make it marketable.

        For the time being, stop adding the drop shadows, bevels and reflections. They are really not important to the actual creation of a logo and a designer shouldn't even consider bringing that crap into the mix until the logo's design has been finalized.
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          Archon, your logo is way too literal. Simplify it. Keep it simple.
          The edges and lines will dissapear or be indistinguishable in small formats, and it will be nearly impossible to maintain the integrity of the logo in small merchandising, like pen, pencils, keychains, etc.

          And like Seamas said, it would be best to drop the leaf idea, if your client insists to keep it, then make it less literal.

          Also, you should make your first design complete with "Kush Kindgom Australia" included, and then the options with only the isotype and "Australia" simplification.


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            Hey guys thank you so much for all the fantastic responses!!!
            So i'm posting a little update on how the editing went along, took on as much advice as i could from you guys.

            *The reason he wants to use a 'weed leaf' is because one of his aims is to remove the demonization of the cannabis leaf, and eventually help people view it as a useful resource and not simply associate it with the recreational use... - Hemp is made of the Cannabis Sativa plant which also shares the same characteristics in how the leaf looks, with its recreational-use related counterpart plant. therefore we found it very important to include that as the basis of the logo*

            So here is the new edited version, let me know what you guys think!

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              The brief on this looks uncannily like a posting on one of those online design job boards for a hemp place in AUS I found in my inbox last week or so...
              In any case, this, in it's current state is rather uninspired and doesn't strike me as memorable in any way. I don't see how the weed leaf symbolizes any of the things this business is trying to promote and it most certainly does not bring to mind natural made clothing and accessories in any way. Where are these items represented within this "logo". What are the "swooshy lines representing here? What is this font saying? Perhaps your "friend" could answer the following questions and get you on your way..
              What is the core business/mission of the company?
              Share a single phrase that communicates what makes your company unique?
              What is the single most important single character trait of your company? How would you
              describe your company's desired personality?
              Describe your primary audience/customer market?


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                Kush is a drug-type Cannabis. So right off the bat, the company is at odds with its mission if it is trying to disassociate the plant from the drug.
                They can tilt at windmills trying to unlink the leaf with the drug, or they can be in the business of selling hemp products. They should make a choice.

                Not to mention there is a Kush Kingdom already up and running in the US that sells medicinal Cannabis products. It's small, but it exists.

                I see the Australia version already using your(?) original concept...?


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                  As it is, this is 100% packaging design for weed. You have a tough riddle on your hands if you have to use a leaf without it screaming Consume Me. I would stay away from the sharp deco treatment, that's a popular one. Can you go to a dispensary where you live? I would go and see what not to do.






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