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    Hey everyone,

    I was hoping to get some feedback on a project I'm working on. The client is a startup company focusing on grocery delivery. Simple enough, right? The name of the company is "Gocey Shopping". I've been toying with this idea and have been flip flopping on if it's just too generic or not. In addition, I'm also curious how it reads to fresh eyes. Does the grocery cart at the beginning obstruct too much? Feel free to tear me apart on this as sometimes I get into my own bubble with designs, thus the flip flopping. So all feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
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    The G is kinda lost, as a general rule I like to makes sure that at least the first letter of a name is obvious. The rest of the overall design is fine to me.

    Hard to say whether this is too generic or whether it's the right approach or not since I don't know anything about the client or their customers or anything like that. On first glance, to me it feels middle class, targeted at females or single men, 30-60 yr old, famlies, kid-friendly, simple, inexpensive, easy...


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      At first glance I really liked the design. After re reading about the company and the fact that it focuses on Grocery delivery I think the shopping kart symbolises going to a supermarket and doing shopping rather than shopping/groceries being brought to me.






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