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    A local craft brewery asked me to design labels for two new beers called Raygun and NewBo. They want one set of labels that fits their standard format and an entirely fresh approach as well (a total of 4 labels). I've just finished the standard format designs. Gold Coin and Slingshot are preexisting labels while Raygun and NewBo are the new labels that I made. I included them all together for consistency. Please let me know what you think. I will also post the two alternative labels when they're finished. Thanks!
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    I'd say you very much nailed it. Good job.


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      The fonts are different. Were you able to get the same typeface that was used on the originals? I think it would make them look even more consistent, like they were designed at the same time, if you can get your hands on the typefaces that the first two labels use. Otherwise looks pretty awesome.


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        Thanks so much, guys. That positive feedback is highly validating. I did note the different font, salsa. For now, I've distorted the text to better match the original font, but I assume it won't be that crucial to the reception I receive.

        I now have the alternative labels that I'd appreciate feedback on. The brewery owners emphasized trying a simplified label that emphasized pencil art, so here's my attempt. Also note the stitched pocket frame, which echoes the brewery namesake: Backpocket Brewery. I think they're strong designs, but I wonder if the layout of shapes and spacing could be improved.
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          Revised "toned" labels:


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            I like how you handled the original brief.

            As for the simpler ones, they are nice enough designs and very nice illustrations, but the overall style of the original branding would be MUCH more distinctive on the shelves of my local bottle shops and distributors.

            I think the idea of going simpler is a good idea, but you don't want to sacrifice the boldness.

            I appreciate that they made the helles and dunkel their flagship brews.
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              Thank you, seamas. I submitted my labels last night. The final toned labeled were improved somewhat before submission - namely, the brewery logo included and drop shadows for the illustrations (link below). The thing with trying to stand out among competitors is, it's all relative to what's on the shelf. Usually there's tons of different colors from all the different 6-packs, so something very bold and simple might be successful. Perhaps a pure white background would have allowed better contrast for the illustrations as opposed to tan. Although, the earthiness of the tan might contrast with the vibrant colors. It's hard to know without seeing it among other products.

              By the way, is there a better image upload service than Photobucket? It keeps compressing my images.



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                I use photobucket, but instead of pasting the link, I paste in the IMG tag it provides. That puts the image right in your post. I wonder if that would give you better results.





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