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  • Resume Critique Needed

    Hey everyone! I'm on my way to finishing up a resume update, but know I'm at that "almost works, but not quite" point. Any suggestions/critiq, things to think about, etc would be appreciated!


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    Whoops, posted up an old copy! Here's the correct one:


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      I found 3 typos.
      And question the use of the word deliverance in this context.

      It sounds like you are fluent in Japanese? Every designer today should be skilled in Adobe apps. But not every designer is skilled at speaking and/or writing Japanese.


      • dragonsfire867
        dragonsfire867 commented
        Editing a comment
        I found two typos in regards to spacing and one with a semi-colon instead of a colon, but ran spell-check and looked through everything—did you happen to see something that I may have missed?

        Also, what do you mean by the word, "deliverance"?

        P.S. Re:'re right. Thank you for pointing this out!
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      Agree with PD, you should make it clear that you speak and write Japanese; this could be what lands you a job.

      Are you looking for freelance gigs or trying to get a full-time position? I ask because you are marketing yourself as a freelancer by having the title of your resume be "NK Designs". I am not a freelancer so I don't know if this is a traditional process or not to develop a resume for potential clients.

      However, if you are applying for in-house positions I would remove NK Designs to not confuse their HR department or hiring manager. They may think you are a contractor. Most in-house positions will state "no contractors" on the job posting.

      I'm not a big fan of the statement but that just a personal opinion. I don't really like statements on resumes anyway because they tend to be cliche and full of jargon that doesn't really tell me anything about who I am hiring. Of course everyone applying for this job is going to say they are creative, can multi-task, blah's all the same.


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        There is some difference of opinion on the word, ''copyediting'' To me that is either two words or it's hyphenated, and stay consistant.
        ''photo editing'' is just ''photo editing.'' No hyphen.

        As for deliverance, that word refers to ''delivering'' in the sense of rescuing from hardship as in, ''the people under fire prayed for deliverance from the opposing forces surrounding them.'' The word you are looking for is actually ''delivery.''

        I'm the say way about object statements as Calebninja. Yours isn't too bad but it is sort of cliche. Be careful in your cover letter with the cliches as well. Be more about what you can bring to the prospective employer's bottom line than about yourself personally. As Caleb said, Every designer is going to say they are good at multi-tasking or an out of the box thinker. When I see this on a resume, one of my interview questions just might be, ''describe a job scenario in your work history where multi-tasking (or out of box thinking) was required and how you resolved the assignment.''
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          If you're applying for a job, you shouldn't include your personal freelance branding. It might put the employer off (they might think your commitment is elsewhere). From a purely aesthetic view, maybe ditch the colour and keep it black and white. It might look more sleek.


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