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    Hello GDF community,

    It was has been some time since I have seen you all. Hope that the Designing has been happy & that you are all doing well.

    A bit about the Product. It is a cellphone signal boosting antenna that you can place on most Recreational Vehicles as long as you have 30 ft. to spare between the receiving antenna and the signal boosting antenna. My boss wants to target, well... It seems like we talk about boats one day and the next day we speak of mountains. The main purpose is that your cell phone can get signal in area's you normally could not. My demographic is males, 30-60, with a reasonable spending capital. Would a nice picture of the product on a white background be just as eye catching and simple?

    Here below, is the packaging design. What are your first thoughts on glance? Are you confused about what it is, and of course as always, how can it improve?

    Thank you all,


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    Hierarchy is a little off. As in, what the product is isn't readily apparent from the text but the boat to satellite is pretty straightforward. Oh, wait, it isn't to satellite, is it?
    No one is going to know what the product is by looking at a photo of the product.

    You should market more toward bosses who might want to get this for employees who go away on weekends intentionally going to places that don't get cell signals, like in a boat out off Monomoy or out to the mountains of NH (or just in the backyard with the phone off...)
    ...Way to kill a pleasant weekend.


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      Haha, no it is not to satellite. Although, why not? Hmm... it's Antenna Tower to Booster Kit to Cellphone. Hmm, a couple of things to think about. Thanks PrintDriver


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        CELLPHONE BOOSTER KIT = 800pt type.
        Product number mambo jambo = 7pt type.

        Just kidding but you know what I mean. Speak the customer's language, not the manufacturer's.
        You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB






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