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  • Craft Soda Logo

    Craft soda logo for Fentimans, a smaller competitor in the craft soda space. They wanted "Fearless" the dog incorporated, as well as crisp, bold type.


    Does it communicate a craft soda company?

    Does the dog mark work with the type?

    Let me know any other thoughts as well! This will be used on packaging, branding materials, video content, etc.

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    I think if it were me, I'd try to draw the dog with a bit more definition. I just pulled the following images from Google, but they demonstrate what I'm referring to.

    "Does it communicate a craft soda company?" Well, I'm not quite sure what it takes to easily communicate that. It has that slightly retro, hipsterish craft look to it, and it does say, "craft soda," so, yes, it think it communicates what it's meant to say.

    "Does the dog mark work with the type? I'm not sure the shapes fit all that well together, but both the dog and the word mark shapes are roundish, which I think visually helps connect them. The word Fentimans could be quite plain, like you've done, but I can also see it being a bit more ornate, with, perhaps, slab serfs or outlines or inlines or something to that effect. I wouldn't get too detailed with it, though.


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      Just because the owner of the company wants his dog in his logo isn't necessarily a good reason to have a dog in the logo.
      I thought this was for dog food even while knowing the title said ''craft soda.''

      Craft sodas are sold like craft beers, at least around here, as singles in a refrigerator case. You mix and match your own six. Or as six packs on shelves with very little facing space. How well will this logo compete for attention with all the other craft soda labels?


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        I like the idea of having the tongue hanging out like that, with this expression of anticipation (like a dog waiting for a delicious treat!). But if you just zoom in on that tongue, the shape looks weird. The dog needs to be refined and simplified a lot more to work as a logo. (See for inspiration for what I mean there.) If you're going for an illustrative look it has an even longer way to go.

        The devil's in the details. Right now it looks like a live trace of a photo.
        You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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          I agree the dog needs a lot more work; the pointed tongue and weak or absent facial features leave him looking odd, in a bad way.

          I also have a problem with putting the word "craft" on the product. I understand the concept of "craft" beverages, and the desire to seat the product firmly among the players in the genre, but IMO, when the purveyors themselves of "crafted" products put that word on the label, it takes the air out of the notion. It' not unlike the step down in class it would be if the emblem on a Ferrari included the tagline; "Unique, Hand-Built Sports Car". It's one thing to imply something the market should infer, but it's just tacky to say it outright on the product itself.
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            That's not a small craft soda company. They've been around since 1905! Plus there is a lot of history involved not mentioned in your brief.

            Looking at the label currently in use, what you've replicated there is basically the neck band of the existing brand.
            I'd explore the main label a lot more. Bring some of the history into it. Update the font used for the name appropriately.

            Nice account to snag!

            Good luck.

            PS, the reason I was looking? After 24 hours on GDF I wanted to see where your query landed in search results.
            Your query posted here doesn't show up until the third page of goggle results for Fentimans soda. So they already have some really good SEO.

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