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Hi folks, first time posting here, may I request some feedback for a logo design?

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  • Hi folks, first time posting here, may I request some feedback for a logo design?

    I have fairly thick skin so feel free to be honest.

    Here's the logo:

    It's for an app development company.

    (I've read the forum rules & etiquette links as well).


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    Hi someguy !

    Okay this is my impression/opinion: I think there's some real cleverness here -- but I think it's too busy. I'd lose the gradients for a start, or maybe tone the gradients back to just the "fingerprint" mark rather than the whole thing.

    The leaves are large and overwhelming. Can that be scaled/toned back a bit?

    What about making the thumbprint mark (which I really like) into the shape of a seed? The circle and the "app square" shape and the whole composition -- I don't know, it just feels disjointed.

    The leaves - maybe more like a seedling rising up out of it? I think this might be why the leaves feel so big... I can see you've used some negative space in the fingerprint mark that relate to the leaves... but a fledgling plant wouldn't be so big... this is just an image to show you what's in my head:

    Hope that helps!
    You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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      It struck me as kind of literal.
      Then is reminded me of how much I hate fingerprints on my phone screen.


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        Thanks EC. Really useful.






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