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Shirt design for regional tablesoccer community

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  • Shirt design for regional tablesoccer community

    Hello everyone

    I wanted to hear your opinions about the following shirt design. It is a design for a tablesoccer community which now has its 10 year anniversary.
    Every season the players get a shirt when signing up for a team. On the occasion of the 10 year anniversary we wanted to do a special design.
    Just for you to know my background: I am a student and i started designing when joining the tablesoccer community 2 years ago.
    The shirts have already been printed but I just wanted to get some feedback from professionals and maybe learn something

    Thank you

    Click image for larger version

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    Very cool idea! I did not know table soccer was so popular.

    At first I really liked the little soccer guy on the shirt, but that's also because I read the title of your post before looking at the shirt. Had I seen the shirt first I am not sure if I would be able to immediately tell what it is due to the lack of detail.

    I think you did a good job with the hierarchy of the text sizes, although "EST. 2007" could be a little smaller (but that's a personal preference).

    The ribbon at the top is not symmetrical; not sure if this was intended.

    It's very hard to read "10 years" because of the grungy look you've given it.

    I like the lightning bolts but don't understand the significance of the plants (sorry, I'm blanking on a better name for those elements). The plants are elegant while the bolts are bold and extreme. The elements don't really go together if you ask me. The plants seem more like they were there to just fill space, which they do a good job of doing, but doesn't pertain to the subject,

    Lastly, because of the sketch like appearance of the design I would have printed this shirt on a plain material. I think the shirt you've printed it on takes away from the design and makes the design more difficult to see.


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