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  • Logo help - placement etc.

    Hey there.
    I'm ashamed to ask for help again for such an easy project but... well.
    It is an easy task for a ticket deal website. I came up with a simple idea (deal hunter - bow and arrow, hitting the best deal - center etc).
    However client has asked for variations of the logo - placements etc. I did so many variations (again, yes...) it's now hard for the client to pick one, for me too...
    Now I need to tell him "that's the one - end".
    Can you take a look at the image and tell me which one to choose and why? or should I try something different? the client wants the sub-logo target logo and "deal hunter" to the right of the logo "Box office" but somehow it doesn't fit well.Thanks.
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    Here's how I'd put it: From the Box office on the left, Deal Hunter in the middle (Deal on top of Hunter) and the target on the right.

    PS. I was always taught that it's a bad idea to give a customer more than 2 or 3 variations. Customers get paralyzed by choice and you end up doing spec work without getting paid for it.
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      Originally posted by nikko View Post
      it's now hard for the client to pick one, for me too...
      That is because none of them are right. You have an arrangement problem because this is really 2 logos, jammed reluctantly together, with 6 words between them, leading with the word "From".

      With reading order, syntax, and hierarchy all ambiguous, the spacial relationship of the graphical elements is far from the final problem to be solved.

      I just know that if someone tasked me with designing a logo for something called "From the Box Office Deal Hunter," my response would be something to the effect of; "Okay...wait...what? Nooo...really?"

      Good branding design can only happen as a child of good marketing decision. "From the Box Office" is a tenuous concept that could perhaps stand on its own, and "Deal Hunter" is a good enough secondary promotional stamp to live within/under a primary brand, but IMO, mashing the 6 words of the 2 concepts together in a single, monotone mark will never work well.
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