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Feedback on Hawaii dessert (baking) cook book cover

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  • Feedback on Hawaii dessert (baking) cook book cover

    I am making a Hawaii dessert baking cookbook.

    It is the sequel to my baking cook book, which itself is a companion to my cosy mystery book. So I want this new book to fit in with the design of the past two.

    Here is what I have come up with

    Cover 1

    Cover 2

    Cover 3

    Cover 4

    Cover 5

    Do any of these work? I think I am struggling to convey the concept of Hawaii while still making the food look appetizing! I think I am struggling with the logo too. I want it to follow the style of the previous book, while still having Hawaii in it.

    I know the subtitle and author name are very small, but these will be on the Amazon product page. (Amazon doesnít allow much room on the cover, so I want the title and photos to be bigger. I would actually omit the Author name and subtitle, but I canít include them on the product page if they are not on the cover).

    Also, the buyer usually only sees the images at 170px or 230px width (next to several other books), so the key elements have to stand out at a small size.

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    Well...not exactly knowing which of the multitude of versions you selected for your last book, it really is sort of difficult to tell if any of these match that style. Post the cover selected for your last book.

    Pineapple upside down cake = Hawaii???
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      Here was the final cover of the original books:

      Cookbook (in same series as Hawaii book)

      Companion mystery book

      Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
      Pineapple upside down cake = Hawaii???
      I know, there wasn't a good selection of stock images. I thought maybe I could get away with it, but I think it's sending the wrong message.


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        Maybe Hawaiian instead of Hawaii? And even then that's a stretch. Yeah a ''Hawaiian Pizza'' has pineapple on it but that's about the only thing ''Hawaiian'' about it. Barring the fact that the pineapple originated in Central American, not Hawaii.......

        Or maybe ''Tropical'' rather than Hawaii, since you have kiwis and other stuff of a more tropical, rather than Hawaiian, nature.
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          The actual recipes are a mix of semi-Hawaiian and authentic Hawaiian (e.g. Koi, Haupia and Kulolo are proper Hawaiian Desserts, but then Manju Cake, Bibingka Cake, Chocolate Tofu Mousse pie and Hawaiian Bundt Cake are ones that are popular in Hawaii and use Hawaiian ingredients but are not necessarily authentic Hawaiian).

          It's a shame there's no good stock photos of things like Haupia and Kulolo. I tried taking my own, but they all came out awful.

          Out of interest, which cover works best.

          Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it.


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            123RF, Alamy and Dreamstime have stock images of food made with Kulolo.

            As for which cover works, since the images are iffy, all that's left is the type treatment of Hawaii. For that I think the last one works best, but that may just be a matter of my opinion. The others, the thin serif is not weighty enough and a couple of the other ones are way to stereotyped in a hokey way. Gotta watch out for those stereotypes these days.


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              In the future, if you're going to post links to previous art, please link to an image of the art, not a link to a site where people can purchase your book. I'm assuming your intention wasn't to boost sales, but we consider it advertising when other people do it and usually remove the links or delete the post. Thanks.
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                PrintDriver Thanks for the suggestion! Those images are much better. For C &D, I've broken the layout of the original to give the images more impact. I am not sure if they work.

                Cover A

                Cover B

                Cover C

                Cover D

                Also, I am not sure of these desserts have a tempting factor to them. I am also not sure if the pineapple looks too much like scrambled eggs. I'd love to hear some thoughts. Thanks!

                KitchWitch Whoops! I'll keep that in mind.


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                  I think I'd stick with the original formatting used on the cakes and cookies book. The logo closes the top of the image. And since people usually read from the top down, it has a better flow. Cover C just seems to lead away into nothingness at the top.

                  While I'm more partial to chocolate-looking things, the pineapple is probably more apropos in this instance. People wouldn't associate something that looks like chocolate with Hawaii much, even with coconut and macedamia nuts. I didn't think scrambled egg until you mentioned it.


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                    Thanks for the feedback PrintDriver.

                    I think the pineapple one is the best too, but I am not sure if it instantly conveys Hawaii.

                    I tried this, which I think looks a bit bitter (although I am not sure if the pineapple gets lost in the background):

                    Cover A

                    I did try also working in Hawaii rainbows, but I think it's definitely too busy:

                    Cover B






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