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IT book cover redesign. Giving it a try

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  • IT book cover redesign. Giving it a try

    This is a long-term project where i redesign my favourite book covers. First is IT by Steven King.
    Click image for larger version

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    Feedback welcomed and thanks in advanced!

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    As someone who sometimes designs book covers, a realistic design needs to consider the sales brought on by shelf appeal. And shelf appeal doesn't just depend on aesthetics; it also depends on grabbing people's attention. Most people buy Stephen King novels for the simple reason that Stephen King wrote them. That being the case, his name pretty much needs to be splashed across the cover in a way that's readable from across the entire book store.


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      Hi Jimxds and welcome to GDF.

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        Like B said, the author name needs to be much bigger.

        Some of the official covers have a clown with a creepy smile. This immediately creates interest, as it a juxtaposition of two opposite elements: clowns (which are associated with playfulness) and evilness. (Although these days, it might not be as effective, because Clowns do have a strong creepy factor, so the contrast between play/evil is no longer as strong as it used to be.).

        Your cover is good, but the balloon doesn't really convey a sense of mence. The scratchy lines for the balloon try do this, but it's not as strong as it needs to be.

        I'd be tempted to go for a different style for the balloon and make it looks as cute and innocent as possible, but then show the clown's creepy claw like hands holding the balloon at the other end. It might help to create a strong juxtaposition between childhood and evil.

        I do like the use of space on your cover. It focuses attention on the balloon and gives it a strong impact.


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          It's too bad book stores are a thing of the past. Like the modern liquor store indy label scene, a designer needs to get out there and see what the competition looks like and see if their design can compete for the shelf space. With book covers it's all about catching the interest of the casual shopper.

          I can't tell you how many times I've picked up a book just because of its cover, at least the cover got me to read the synopsis on the back and maybe read the first few paragraphs to see if I can stomach the author's writing style. And it might be a book in a section of the store that wasn't my intent to visit. But I picked it up because it was face out on a shelf.

          These days the cover has to be compelling at a 1" x 1" size on an Amazon scroll screen. And usually the result of a specific search. Not a lot of walk-by browsing going on. I don't buy nearly as many books as I used to. When I do see a book store, I stop, if I have the time.

          As the others said, with Steven King, it's all about the name. It's also about catching a new audience, especially since he's not as prolific as he once was and you have to catch people who maybe have heard his name but not ever tried his books.


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            JimXDS I love this idea! I'm always looking for ways to practice design and never thought of this. Great idea! And while I understand what the others are saying about Steven King's name, I do like the design. It would definitely lure me.






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