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  • Business card logo feedback

    Hi all,

    Got some really smart and creative advice on some early business card designs from this forum, went away and worked on one of the designs and two new ones.

    Could I ask for some more feedback?

    Let me know which front and back you prefer (if any) and if there's anything you would change / swap around.


    Thank you,

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    Hey @someguy,

    Thanks for sharing your designs! I would encourage and challenge you to try to narrow your design focus. Right now none of the designs are 'bad' but none are 'good'. Design, generally speaking, can't be good or bad without context. In the marketing world we call the context the brand. A brand supplies asks the 'whys' and ultimately the 'whys' are what influence design work and make it 'good' or 'bad'.

    Is this your personal brand? If so why not step out of the business card design box and attempt to write a short brand brief?

    From there you can start developing a visual brand - with things like type, color, logo and layout.

    Hopefully this makes sense and best of luck to you!


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      My main issue with these is that they don't stand out or have any impact.

      I think you are trying to convey the concepts of motion and editing but the elements you are using are too subtle.

      How to fix:

      First off, define your audience. Is it local small businesses who you will have to first sell the concept of editing to before they buy? If so, the friendlier fonts used in A are good. But you need to convey the motion/editing part with less subtly. I'd make it clearer what motion editing does and even hint at how it will benefit

      If you are aiming at larger businesses who already have a need for editing, then the modern look in C is a good starting point. But the logo needs refining as it is too easy to misread as EME. Id just go for white text on black as the grey looks amateurish.
      The back side needs redoing as well as its too blocky.


      • someguy
        someguy commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks for the feedback, I was aiming it for small businesses.

        I had another play around with the logo and tried to make it more relevant to the brand. Do you think this looks better?





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