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  • In Need of Your Opinion and Tips Please

    Hello, recently I decided to start a solo-online-biz and I am in need of your help to make sure everything looks fine, sounds right and etc.
    My blog at the moment only contains 3 pages at the moment: Contact, About, and the 'Current Design' article.

    Once you enter the article page there are a few in-text links to the online store, which I am currently using CafePress for my design.
    I am currently building the site and am open to all kinds of criticism.


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    Marxi or Miranda?
    And a typo in your bio.

    The double splash page is unnecessary and makes it likely people won't scroll down. I didn't, at first, but your description here said there was more.

    Fun image. Like your use of color.
    Does the kid get a cut of the proceeds?


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      Hi Marxisparx and welcome to GDF.

      We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
      Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


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        Link is not opening. I guess there's some problem with it






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          Yeah, I've said it many times here; for my money, mockups are a waste of time. If a client asks for a specific simulation, I'll work it up for an additional charge, but these canned, free-on-the-web renders...
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          Adobe resellers to expensive, any way around this?
          Hy there.
          My country is not supported for CC membership (Bosnia and Herzegowina), only trough resellers.
          I've been using Illustrator for 2 years now, and instead of $239 a year for an individual...
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          Reply to Bar Logo Critique
          The concept isn't bad, but the execution is impossible to judge in a mocked up contrivance. Post a single color example of just the as-designed graphic.
          Today, 06:06 AM
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          Reply to What makes this ad. design awesome?
          Thank you. I will make sure to read them soon....
          Today, 01:15 AM
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          Thank you. Is there a simple questionnaire or guide that I can use to steer me to the best design for my needs? I mean when working with international freelancing ad. designers. and freelancing graphic...
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