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  • Coloring Book Cover Design

    Hey everyone,

    I'm designing the front and back cover of a coloring book for a local master gardener organization- the inside will contain garden themed artwork accompanied by informative text. The text and pictures used were chosen by them for me to work with. I consider myself an amateur as a designer still so it's always nice to get pointers and crits from you more experienced artists that I can factor into current and future work. As always it is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Front Cover:

    Back Cover:

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    Are you working in RGB? That green will never reproduce in CMYK.
    That white text is not working, especially over that neon green.


    • BenDiAnnaArt
      BenDiAnnaArt commented
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      Thanks for the comments PrintDriver

      I'm working in CMYK, I've done test prints on an HP DesignJet printer and the colors come out accurate. In print the green didn't seem neon, more of a pastel, but I do have a bad habit of pushing colors too far, maybe pull back the saturation?

      Do you feel the text isn't working anywhere? Not legible? Font choice? Size? Any further thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.

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    None of the white text in green is legible.
    The title works, but is small in comparison to the image above it and almost crowded by the bar below it. the tendril interaction isn't helping.
    The small text in the blue is almost legible. That one depends on the size of the book.

    How many colors does your desktop inkjet use? Four? Or Six? Or more? Also bear in mind that most consumer level desktop inkjets are used to rendering RGB images taken from cameras onto photo papers. The profiling and sometimes even the inksets aren't always true representations of a 4-color press.


    • BenDiAnnaArt
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      Thanks PrintDriver, you're observations definitely helped me make some necessary adjustments to the design (which I'll post in this thread).
      I'm still working on my color application, I tend to make things far over-saturated without subtlety, I guess because its visually exciting, but it ends up looking gaudy and hard to look at in print. The more experience I get I'll start to get a feel for where to keep the HSL settings. We are using a 6 color printer here btw. I'm wondering how to pick safe colors or know how it will look for a 4 color printer (is that what most print places use, or 6 color?)
      Anyways, thanks for the help!

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    I cant imagine that color output is CMYK. That green is going to print almost like an olive color. That bright blue will be purple (unless purple was the intended color, it does looks rather purple-ish on screen)

    Also keep in mind how the book will be bound. Perfect bind and saddlestich books have two completely different setups. You may consider a slightly larger margin on the bottom of the back cover, especially its going to be trimmed to bleed.

    Overall though I love the visuals and the design is pretty cohesive. Much better than the items i was putting together as an amateur!


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      All in all, it looks good. But I can't tell the output is CMYK either.


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