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    Hi GDF,

    Below is my first attempt at design and I would appreciate feedback and constructive criticism on what I have done thus far. I worked from GDF's design challenge thread, here are the requirements posted:


    Wine Label Design for the completely fictitious Jupiter Valley Winery!

    Here's the minimum text info to be on the label:
    • Jupiter Valley Winery
    • 2003 Merlot
    • Jupiter Valley California
    Maximum label area is 3 inches wide x 4.5 inches high. Do whatever you want within that space.

    My inspiration was the planet Jupiter, more specifically the eye of the large storm on the planet. I also included a logo as I was planning on expanding the challenge to create labels for a white wine bottle and some print documents for the winery (I am trying to create a portfolio from scratch). The four circles you see in the logo are meant to represent Jupiter's four largest moons which will be my theme for the white wine bottle (I only have sketches so far). Thank you for taking a look!

    Wine Label

    Color Logo

    B&W Logo

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    I see at least 7 distinct colors in your color logo. That's expensive to print.
    I'd lose the black line connecting the moons.
    The black and white version isn't working. That should tell you something right there.
    The color scheme is not especially pleasing. The label has some areas in it that scream digital live trace. Even if you didn't do it a live trace, it has the paint by number look in places while in others there is a distinct digital blur. Picture this label on the shelf with all the other clever and colorful labels out there. Would you pick it up?


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      Thank you.






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