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Card Game Logo Critque (And new member)!

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  • Card Game Logo Critque (And new member)!

    Hello! I'm brand new around here. You can call me Buster! I'm not much for graphic design (Not much of an artist, didn't go to college for graphic design, or anything like that), but I AM a YouTuber, which means I have to create video thumbnails a lot. As such, I'm rather proficient with GIMP, and most of the logos I make are generated in that program... I recognize that's probably not ideal, haha, but I don't usually have time to sit down and design a really cool logo for every video series I do, especially when sometimes I'll only make series' that are 3-4 episodes long, haha. Not worth the effort.

    Buuuuut I'll skip the rest of my life's story. This probably isn't the right place for introductions anyway. And this post actually has nothing to do with my channel. xD

    I'm currently designing a trading card game (Think "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and "Magic: The Gathering"). Not for profit or anything, just for me and my friends to play. The details are a bit of a long story, but the short version is that I'm setting it up so that we can play together online... So, I wanted a logo to go with it. I Googled for a graphic design forum specifically so that I could ask the opinions of people who actually knew what they were talking about, and promptly came across a pinned topic about logo design and what NOT to do. Lo and behold; I had broken nearly every rule. xD

    So after a few hours of work, I've come up with the following. It's pretty simple, but I tried using the Perspective tool that GIMP has to make it look a little less bland. I also made Black & White versions, as well as ones without the background, to make sure it would look okay in those situations. Alright. Enough prattling. Here's a link!

    I've got four images there, 2 with the BG and 2 without, and 2 in color, and 2 not. I'm a newbie, so go easy on me, haha! Unless this game of mine somehow becomes super popular, the farthest I ever foresee this logo traveling is on some of my YouTube thumbnails.

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    It looks like something you might have seen in the computer video games of the 80s. The blocky pixel type games. If you created this in photoshop, you may want to rethink that and create an .svg vector graphic in Illustrator to give it a cleaner look. Unless you want the retro appearance.

    Imgur....... great. Now I'm going to have blow-thru ads from the crap in the sidebar on that site. I love being greeted by imagery of some buffoon with the 4-letter C-word written next to it. Uncalled for.
    Time to go torch the cookies.


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      Haha, yeah, I wasn't intending it to have that look. xD I should have thought ahead and created the original text in a much higher resolution than I did. But since I'm not even sure how I was able to get it to look the way I did in the first place... It would be tough to re-create it. LOL. (What? I mean, I TOTALLY meant to go with the 8-bit look! Haha)

      Like I said, I'm entirely self-taught; all I have is GIMP ("Photoshop", as it were), so I wouldn't be able to do any vector stuff even if I tried. Just thought people who know what they're talking about would be here and would be able to tell me if my color choice is terrible, or if there isn't enough contrast or whatever.

      Sounds like you need an adblocker, my friend. I had no idea Imgur spammed ads. Next time I'll use Puush or something.






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