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Magazine Spread Critique

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  • Magazine Spread Critique

    I'm trying to practice designing a magazine spread. This is an article that I got from Yes! Magazine aka the text isn't mine. The intended purpose is to let American voters know about the positive impact of electric trains. Please let me know any feedback you have for the layout/design of the spread.
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    You didn't do anything at all different from that long, text heavy Yes article, except colorize the leaders.

    So is that a natural gas powered electric train, or a coal powered electric train or a nuclear powered electric train? In the US, those three make up the top 79% of electricity production here.


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        It would have been nice to see it in spreads.

        The title page feels like 1979, the image isn't very exciting and the text is quite vanilla. The typesetting looks like there was minimal done, no margins around images, pull quotes with widows; it felt like a wall of text and it is. Everything needs more breathing room.
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          The typesetting, if you could call it that, needs a lot more attention.
          • 3-column, serif-faced type leaded that tightly is really "noisy" and begs for a baseline grid, but you'll have to work to make it right
          • The pull-quotes were obviously just typed (or pasted) and left however they fell; a short word like "talked" should never be left hyphenated, even in body type, let alone display type
          • Every paragraph gets an indent and (some odd, small amount of) space before/after?
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            You need to work on the type.

            Those are huge indents, and you don't need to have indents PLUS space after the paragraphs. Choose one.
            The columns look really messy. I wouldn't suggest justified alignment, but you can manually adjust the columns to make the right edge less ragged.

            You have a very large number of widows. You need to eliminate all of them.
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