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  • Need opinion on logo

    Hi guys,

    Just looking for some feedback on the attached logo. Does it look professional? I can't tell/decide as I've been working on a logo so long every logo looks the same...

    Thanks for your input...
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    Hi Rup_rap and welcome to GDF.

    Without context, there's no way we can tell you if this could be a successful logo. What is it for? What's the business? What's the goal? Who's your target audience? How will this be used?

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      Hi KitchWitch

      Thanks for the reply.

      Well, what I was looking for was to know if the logo looks like it could be used for a logo, if it looked like a professionally designed one...or is it too common or too simple ...etc

      It is for a IT company and is primarily to be used as the company's logo...not going to be for any product branding etc.


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        I don't have much positive to say about it unfortunately.
        It's not particularly dynamic nor is it very harmonious or evocative.
        I would say that it doesn't look professionally designed.

        Have you considered hiring a professional?
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          Originally posted by rup_rap View Post
          It is for a IT company and is primarily to be used as the company's logo...not going to be for any product branding etc.
          A good corporate logo is one that specifically meets the needs of the company. All IT companies are different, and a logo that works for one will usually be inappropriate for another. Since you've told us little beyond the company being involved in IT work, any feedback would be based almost solely upon aesthetics or reproduction & usage issues.

          So with that in mind, it seems a bit chaotic, and I'd be inclined to remove the outer shapes and concentrate on making what's left have some kind of meaning. Of course, knowing virtually nothing about the company, for all I know, what you have now is perfect. I'm tending, however, to agree with Seamas.

          As for reproducibility, well, that part is great. It could work big, small, in color, in B&W, in print, on t-shirts, in vinyl, embossed, etc.


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            I thought it looked like a Shadow ship from Babylon 5...


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              I do think it feels techie, like a video game or something, which for a tech company is probably a good thing. It all depends on what it is supposed to feel like.
              You said that you wanted to know if it was too simple. Simplicity isn't a bad thing. Personally I think your design is a bit too complex to be memorable. If it was simpler it would be easier to remember, which I would assume would be good for an IT company, or any company for that matter.
              Also, it looks like it is supposed to be symmetrical but there is actually more space between the parts on one of the sides than the parts on the other side.
              I hope that helps.
              Also, I am a only a student, so take my advice with a grain of salt because it's possible that I have no idea what I'm talking about.






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