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  • Logo Critique Please

    Hi there, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this logo. It's a concept for my own design business. Any thoughts or ways it could be improved would be most welcome.
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    When I think amp, I think this kind of cable:

    Not an edison plug.

    Of course the cable end on the guitar cord is a little phallic looking, and it reads more ''musician'' than ''designer.''

    On the other hand, when I think amped-up, as in high-energy, I think motion blur and ''moving forward,'' not just sitting there politely and neatly.

    Do some more sketching.
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      It took me a few seconds, but instead of AMP D, it says AMPED. It's clever making an electrical plug from the E and D. The abbreviation "amp' has a bunch of definitions, like amplifier or ampere. If you're going with AMPED up, as in turning up the volume, I agree with PrintDriver that it becomes a reference to an amplifier where the plug on the cable is the wrong. If AMPED is referring to ampere (a unit of electrical current), the plug is fine.

      What i'd definitely get rid of, though, is the cable spelling out the word design. That part reeks of one idea too many, and it's just not working. Besides, the other end of the cable is plugging back into the word AMPED. I mean, cables connect one thing to another; they don't plug back into themselves. Get rid of the cable script and just concentrate on the ED plug.


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        Thanks for the feedback guys. I am worried that the E is not obvious enough. Do you think that's the case? Or do you think maybe it doesn't matter so much?


        • RMo
          RMo commented
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          It might not be obvious to people that there is an e. The point of a logo is that people remember your companies name. If they miss the E they won't. That said if people see it, people are more likely to remember it. I think it's a fairly smart trick. Showing it as a black letter could make the E look too 'cramped' (mwhuhaha see what I did there?)

          You might want to do something to subtly indicate the e is there. Maybe indicate the borders of the e? By the way to me this logo is screaming to be animated. Of course that only works on the web and such.

        • HotButton
          HotButton commented
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          I think the AMPED with neg-space-'E' and plug-'D' has good potential, but I'd want (you) to move past what you've got there now and keep iterating/evolving/refining it. Surely with experimentation you can find ways to make the E more obvious.

          I wouldn't try spelling out any secondary word with the cable, let alone ''design''. Personally I don't like the general word ''design'' as part of a brand; any brand. It's even worse when someone pluralizes it and makes themselves a purveyor of ''designs''. Really, unless something creates itself by accident, virtually every man-made item of every kind is the result of ''design'' (and even the mere arrangement of items designed by others is a form of 'design'). It's become one of the most ambiguous words in our language and ambiguity is very rarely a good thing for branding.

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        As far as i thought this logo is making for a design studio or kind of Company, So Can you mate Ignore or avoid this cable or Plugin concept, this cable actually Not appropriate or compatible look for the Design Company Logo.


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