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  • Behance Portfolio Review

    Hey all. First and foremost, I am looking for feedback on the portfolio itself, but I am also curious about your thoughts on using Behance as your go-to portfolio? I have not really messed a lot with web design, which I realize creates a lot of limitations in today's markets, but that's where I am at currently. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Do you have a subscription to Adobe CC? If so, Adobe Portfolio is included in that subscription and you can use it to make your own website. Adobe Portfolio is fairly simple to use, but can be a bit buggy at times when building your website.

    As far as you portfolio is concerned, the first thing I noticed is your title; Art Director at Logo Capital. Being an Art Director I would assume you would have multiple projects for this company and a vast amount of detail for each project. In your portfolio I only see the one project where you've grouped three catalogs from different years together. If I am hiring this is a red flag for me. If you really are the Art Director and Logo Capital is a real company, then you need to have more going on here.

    The guitars are very cool and creative but I don't see how they pertain to your career; they seem more like hobby projects. In no way am I putting down the skills you've displayed by crafting these projects, but if I am hiring for a new Art Director or Designer, I will care little about these projects.

    Design is subjective and I think the longer you can keep someone on your website or online portfolio, the better. Keep the user in mind when piecing together your projects. If I can look at your entire portfolio in a matter of seconds then chances are yours won't be the one that sticks in my mind.


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      Thank you for the honest feedback. I totally agree with you. Part of the issue I currently have is that the projects I work on, my employer did not want posted. The vast majority of what I handle is apparel design and the basic sell sheets / storefronts that go with those. I am trying to decide how to best present them.

      I work in a very niche industry and I don't want to be stuck here forever. Would it be best to create custom projects just to display the skill set needed?


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        Yet again another reason to use Adobe Portfolio. You can make sure your website isn't indexed in search engines (only the big search engines will comply with this request) but you can also add a password to your website. If you apply somewhere you can provide that specific company with the password to your site so only they can view it. You can change the password at any time.

        As far as the niche thing is concerned, I can sympathies with your situation. I don't know how much time you have on your hands to invest into custom projects, but I would suggest first finding out the industry/role you want to be in. Once you have that figured out try to apply to companies that are in that industry or are more related to it than your current one. Also think about your current projects and how you can pitch them as relative to the industry or role you're going for.






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