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  • [LOGO] Please critique my logo

    I'm (with 2 friends) developing a website in order to sell a tech a product (can't disclose what it is yet) that i think has a lot of potential where i live. I would be very appreciated if you could give a rating on my logo Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Tacaro25 and welcome to GDF.

    Did you design this logo?

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      Kinda looks like the Mazda logo.
      Without knowing any good reason to put blue on the top bar of the E, I wouldn't do it. The bar competes heavily with the bug, giving two areas of focus.
      Now, if there is a really good reason to have the blue bar, then maybe you need something to tone it down a bit.
      Have I ever mentioned how much I hate gray in digital printing? A Percent-K gray is so dull and boring but a Pantone or 4-color gray can travel all over the place from magenta gray to cyan gray, very rarely a nice medium gray, even on a machine with a profiled gray balance.


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        Without knowing anything about the company or the reasons behind the logo, it looks nice.

        PrintDriver and I seem to think alike much of the time because the first thing I noticed was the blue bar that doesn't have any apparent reason for being, but it most definitely does compete for attention with the blue in the logo and breaks the visual hierarchy of the composition.

        As for neutral grays, they not only cause problems, they can look lifeless. In four-color-process, unless the inks are perfectly balanced, instead of gray, you'll get a reddish or yellowish or blueish gray that can change colors, even on the same press run. Print them only with a screentint of just black to avoid that problem, and, like I mentioned, the gray will look lifeless.


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          is what I got, with a neat icon.
          Maybe Ooltek, but the V never registered. Too different from the rest of the logo font I'm guessing.

          ^^^ everything Print and B said, man I haven't designed in a while.
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