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    Hi, I am taking a print publishing class, and I would love it if you could could give me some feedback on my design. Thank you so much!

    My audience is: sad middle-aged people who have a fear of death. I'm trying to show the contrasts between death and life, as well as that by coming to terms with death we increase our quality of life.

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    Originally posted by C. Joy View Post
    My audience is: sad middle-aged people who have a fear of death.
    I suppose someone (or their families) facing death due to terminal illness might read an article about coping with it.

    However, I don't think depressed, middle-aged people who are neurotically preoccupied with their deaths would be drawn to a story about what frightens and depresses them. A sad, middle-aged person still has decades of life left, so even though the article itself might be about coping with one's mortality, the headline should be about life, hope, reflection and the future. Big photos of dead barren trees and a headline of DEATH is just about the surest way I can think of to reduce readership rather than increase it.


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      B's right. Don't focus on DEATH.
      Focus on Living!

      At first I thought this was going to be an article about having that talk with your loved ones about your last wishes.
      This apparently is supposed to be an inspirational article.
      Depict the inspirational, not the end outcome.


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        Hi Joy and welcome to GDF.

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          Yup, that is a foreboding and "scary" design. If you want people to cope with their fear, you don't necessarily show it. That's like saying, are you afraid of spiders, here's a couple hundred spiders crawling all over the page and some giant tarantula close-ups.
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            Thanks for all the feedback! I will be definitely be making some changes based on what you guys have said.

            Also I realized that I forgot to mention in my original post that the text is not mine. The design is mine, but the text is from






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