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  • In your professional opinion.....

    Hi everyone.
    Thanks for viewing this post. Hope ur well.
    I could really do with ur honesty and advice, if u'd all be so kind please.

    We have designed a logo for our start up company and before it gets sent off to be printed, we really need u to tell us what wrong and how we can right it. I know it's needs sharpening up, refocusing and I think the flowers will be yellow I will be the final design, but ur expertise will be so very appreciated.
    Plz be kind!

    Many thanks.
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    Are you considering the entire green square, and everything in it, as your logo, or are you just saying the logo is is the Multi Culture words with the flower above the i.

    What do you mean by sharpening up? Are you saying the artwork you've created is fuzzy?


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      Hey B.
      Thanks for ur quick response.

      Because we r a gardening fertiliser company, we wanted the colour to be in keeping with our company brand. So we were thinking as the logo stands, but potentially have the upper and lower flowers in yellow.

      As for sharpening it all up, when we zoom in just a few clicks it seems blurry. Obviously we want to avoid that showing on the labels and decals etc.

      In ur opinion, what would u keep and what would u discard and replace with?
      The lower symbols represent where its safe for use.

      Thanks again for ur time


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        I like what you did with the I in multicultural. I would widen the kerning in multicultural and use a light font weight for the tagline.


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          Did you design this? or did you crowdsource it?

          is it made out of trees, flowers, apples, fish and birds?
          Or do you feed it to trees, flowers, apples, fish and birds?

          It is really hard to read.
          And is a rather toxic looking green color


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            What you've come up with is not a logo. It's more like a label on a package. Here are a few examples of logos:

            Typically, a logo is just a symbol with, perhaps, the name of the company beside it.

            Logos, labels and just about anything else that's meant to be printed, other than photos or scanned imagery, should be created with resolution-independent, vector software. This way, the graphics will always be razor-sharp and not blurry. The image you've shown us was prepared in image or photo-editing software, and it's, unfortunately, not suitable for commercial printing. Sorry.


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              Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
              Did you design this? or did you crowdsource it?

              is it made out of trees, flowers, apples, fish and birds?
              Or do you feed it to trees, flowers, apples, fish and birds?

              It is really hard to read.
              And is a rather toxic looking green color
              Thanks for ur input.
              I'm not sure what crowdscourcing is to be honest. I downloaded a free logo app, choose the colours, symbol and fonts that I liked, resized them, recoloured them and placed them where I wanted them.

              The symbols at the bottom represent its friendliness.
              It will also say environmentally friendly or nontoxic, we're u decided as of yet

              As for the colour, I'm thankful u brought this to my attention. What shade would u suggest as being more welcoming shade of green?

              So many thanks for ur help and advice.


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                All I'm doing currently is playing around with ideas. Once we are happy, we will take it to a professional and ask him/her to sort it using the correct software and programmes etc.
                That's one way to go about it, but probably not an ideal way to get the best results.

                Professional designers don't just execute other people's ideas for them. Designers are paid for their expertise in analyzing the situation at hand, then coming up with the best possible solution while working with the client to achieve the client's objectives. And those objectives tend not to focus on making, for example, just a nice-looking label. Instead, those objectives typically focus on the bottom-line goal, which in the case of a product, is to sell more of that product.

                A good designer will, of course, make the label look nice, but more important than that is designing a nice-looking label that will resonate with potential buyers, or stand out on the shelf, or evoke the kinds of emotions that make it more likely that a potential buyer will have confidence in the product and choose it instead of the competitor. A good designer will also consider things like cost effectiveness, materials, reproduction limitations and capabilities, etc., to make sure that everything turns out well and within budget.

                Hiring a professional designer to simply execute your ideas using the right software, is a bit like hiring an auto mechanic, then telling him exactly what he needs to do to repair your car. You want to, of course, be involved, but if all the mechanic does is follow your instructions on which parts to replace, you'll likely not get your car fixed the right way.

                And like auto mechanics, there are good designers and not-so-good ones. There are also production artists who do exactly as you've suggested, and just follow client instructions. It's really up to you. You can either find someone to put together your ideas for you and get, well, amateurish results, or you can hire a professional designer and get something that will look professional and help you sell your products.


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                  Note B said professional designer.
                  Not a crowdsource designer. Crowdsourcers do a whole bunch of logo jobs hoping maybe to be paid for one of them. They don't spend any of the time necessary to do all the things B mentioned, like the research, or the production values...


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