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  • Sort of a Constructivism Inspired Poster

    Anyone minds critiquing this? Thanks to all of you in advance!!
    Click image for larger version

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    Hard to weigh its effectiveness without knowing the reasons it was born in the first place.
    • Who wanted it?
    • Where will it be seen?
    • By whom?
    • What context is to be implied?
    • What context is to be inferred?
    • What is the desired effect on the viewer?
    • How and why will this audience identify, and identify with this imagery or symbolism?
    • Another euphemism? Have there been others?

    Mechanically speaking:
    • There's no hierarchy.
    • The reading order (direction) is jilted.
    • Question marks 2 and 3 are superfluous and juvenile
    • The heavy, tightly set type is not distance-friendly
    • The cephalic symbol looks culture or ethnicity-specific, and possibly unflattering or belittling, in addition to being somewhat out of place among the other, more oversimplified shapes

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    • Thug-D
      Thug-D commented
      Editing a comment
      I was wondering what font should I employ? I mean a font which is free, distance friendly and also has that constructivism look?

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    I agree with HotButton on just about everything here --especially the extra question parks.
    Leave extra punctuation to Pam in accounting. You are a Graphic Designer--use a graphic designer solution.

    I think it is always a great exercise when a designer decides to tackle a style from another era--they get to look at techniques and consider the limitations that designers of the past would have to deal with and often overcome.

    What is striking here is it seems the ONLY cues you took from Constructivist art was an approximate color scheme and perhaps the font choice.
    Your red is too red, you black is too black and your white is too white.

    Also: aside from color, the FIRST thing that pops into my mind in constructivism is STRONG diagonal dynamics. It is one of the hallmarks. You are sticking to something more static and un-dynamic, and skirting close to the edge of symmericality.

    Consider one common technique of the constructivists: photo collage.

    Also: why get wishy-washy in framing your text as a question mark? Get declarative. Come out and say what you mean to say.
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