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    Please Suggest me which logo looks appropriate. The company provides recruitment solutions. They have provided me with two colors. They want it to look next level and beautiful. ( I am a bit confused)
    The client asked me to come up with something corporate. They provided me a Logo they want it to look like, It was a multi color logo that used a modern font in all caps. Please let me know which font is more corporate like and modern too and which logo image is more fitting.
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    These all seem quite generic looking to me, but a lot of people do want these generic looking logos. For me the top one is the best of the lot.

    I would adjust the tracking to increase space between the letters, as they all seem a bit bunched up at the moment.

    If you could share an image of the logo the client liked, that might be helpful?

    There are a lot more experienced designers on here than me, so hopefully somebody will come along and offer more advice.


    • MinaZee
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      Thanks Glitchin , and i will.

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    • Glitchin
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      I'm confused. This is one of your designs from your original post right? I meant if you could post an image of the logo the client liked, it might help. "They provided me a Logo they want it to look like, It was a multi color logo that used a modern font in all caps. "

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    They chose the first design.






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