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    Hi everyone. I was in here about six or seven months ago working on the general look of a video game. Your comments were very valuable and I tried making a few visual features more subtle, and I think the game is improved because of your input.

    I still have to redo all of my menus, but right now I'm working on a new logo. Attached we should have an animated version (if the animated version doesn't show up, please check it out over here: which I'll put in trailers (the original video has an intact alpha channel), a version with a busy background that I'll use for larger placements, and a plain version that I'll use with a drop shadow or border of some kind that I'll use for smaller placements and watermarks. It's supposed to evoke 90's Japanese roleplaying games, if that means anything to you.

    I realize that it's not iconic. It's not suitable for business cards or anything. There are only a few places I'm going to use it, and I don't plan on printing it.

    I used to have a much simpler logo that I was pretty happy with. But then I watched a presentation by a guy who sold a lot of copies of his video game on a site called Steam. He said that you should take your game's logo, Photoshop it onto the Steam front page, and see if it looks like it would hold up against the competition. My old logo definitely looked boring and amateur by comparison. So I remade it.

    Started off in Illustrator, moved to Photoshop for manual texturing and coloring, then into After Effects for animation and cheesy special effects. Now that I know a little more about what I'm doing, repeating the process shouldn't be too bad if I have to redo everything from the beginning.

    I don't know if the logo is any less amateur now, but it is busier, and hopefully more clickable. What do you think? What do you think about the colors, design, placement, the blobby thing in the background? Would everything look better centered? Should I move the center of the blobby thing off to the right? Is the whole idea crap and I should start over? All advice is welcome. Thanks.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	HimekoSutori_NewLogoNoBackground.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	HimekoSutori_NewLogoBlack.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	HS_NewLogoAnimated_lowqual.gif
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    I'm definitely not your target audience (don't play computer games), so take my opinions with a grain of salt.

    Making something look like what's expected and like everyone else's isn't exactly the formula for making something stand out from the crowd. Personally, I think what you've designed is visually confusing and gratuitous in the sense that some of the motion graphics look canned and just tossed in for the sake of doing so.

    Personally, I'd be inclined to tone it down and make the effects more subtle and relevant to the subject matter and the emotional quality you're trying to impart before the game begins. Without knowing more about the game, perhaps the smokey stuff does this, but the over-the-top lighting effects overpower the smokey feeling with an entirely different emotional quality.

    In addition, the pale blue type is weak, and you've seemingly attempted to remedy this problem by outlining the letters with a thin black border. In other words, instead of fixing the underlying problem, you've attempted to mitigate the issue with a workaround.

    Of course, I haven't seen your original, simpler version, so I'm not comparing what you've done here with that.


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      Thanks B. I really appreciate the input. And you're totally right. I added the effects without any real reason or thought; I just wanted to add more to make it flashier, hoping that it would get more clicks. I'll think about what I want the feel to be, without it being so glaring, so gratuitous.

      This is what I had originally. Game title over a screenshot from the game. I made the screenshot mostly monochrome sepia and I painted a mask for it in Photoshop.

      And I have a smaller version.

      ​These are the sizes required by Steam, but I have Illustrator files for making any size. I haven't tried animating this version. Now I guess I should get the logo right, and then make an animation. Also, it seems that I personally insulted the entire internet by rendering the Japanese like that. It was good for visibility on Reddit, but I'm going to change the rendering to head off the next wave of flamers.

      ​And taking that guy's advice, I'm trying to imagine my game on the front page:

      ​I guess I just feel a little outgunned.


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        Originally posted by NathanielA View Post
        I guess I just feel a little outgunned.
        We've all felt that way at some point or another. I think it's all part of the learning process.

        Congratulations on offending the Internet. People from Japan, I've found through personal experience, are especially sensitive to others imitating their culture -- despite the Japanese being masters of doing the same.






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