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Names for my freelance graphic deign business

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  • Names for my freelance graphic deign business


    I chose a few names for my freelance design business and was wondering which one you like best. They are:


    Thanks for your input

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    Hi Ericbinder and welcome to GDF.

    These names will stand alone? Or will they be followed by something, like design? Aetri Design or just Aetri? Either way, I have no idea what these words mean or what you want them to represent, so I can't tell you if any one of them is successful.

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      Located in Israel perhaps?
      Would Yivra be offensive for any creation other than divine? (ggogle translator is my friend.)
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        They are stand alone.

        This will be used as stand alone so I’m really aiming for attractive souding and looking words.

        Aetri doesn’t have a meaning, Creoa means “To Produce” in Latin, Yivra and Litzor are differen’t ways to say “Create” in Hebrew.


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          With Yivra I had this same exact impression and asked a few different Israelies and Jewish people if they found offence with using Yivra outside of the divine and I was told it wasn’t offensive.

          I myself am Jewish and like the name even apart from it’s meaning.

          Another name I was thinking of using is Q Imagine (


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            I would`ve picked Trimello. It is pronounced easier than the others and perhaps if one day you go international you can do it with the same name. Hopefully, it is nothing offensive, my google didn`t translate any of the names.


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              If the words don't need a meaning for you, I would think you'll need to choose one that is easy to instinctively pronounce, and easy to remember and spell (can't google what you can't spell). Other than that, it's up to you.

              If a paying client asked you to chose a name for their company and had the same requirements as you, what would you tell them?
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                I actually use these domains now and the two that work the best are Creoa and QImagine. I get the most responses from them when applying for freelance jobs. I should probably just stick with one of those.






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