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    Hello Designers, I'm starting a new project, a logo design, the client are seeking for something like this, a puma and a mountain together (Fitz Roy). It's for a travelling photography blog (I know these elements has nothing to do with photography, but what does a bitten apple has to do with technology ? 😶). I'm thinking about a rustic logo with simple lines, just to make a reference to the nature. What do you think about it ?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	24796616_1324699914302624_7804813689451073830_n.jpg
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Name:	24294082_1324699934302622_6843074944995326364_n.jpg
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    Hi Rubensgpl and welcome to GDF.

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      I think the sketches so far make it a little too complicated for a logo. Both the mountains and the Puma need simplification.

      The puma's snout looks long--like an old style cartoon wolf.
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        Definitely far too complicated.
        Plus you have another problem.
        Puma's ears are rounded. You are losing your association by making them pointed.


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          That's why I'm on this for about 2/3 months (some procrastination going on as well). The thing is, the client, which is my sister, is hard to change the mind, she had this idea for her photography blog and made a sketch for me with the same idea of the images above, I've tried to explain that this logo would not work because there are two distinct elements trying to working as one and when making it smaller would lose some details and information.
          I don't know what else to do with it.


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            If a client has a preconceived notion of what their logo should look like, itís the job of the graphic designer either to come up with good reasons why it is not a good idea, or just roll with it and give them what they want.

            I would work on learning to express light and shadow with your stroke thickness, and maybe look to identifying what gives a puma its distinctive look. The most notable features are the ear flags and black markings on the muzzle. If you draw the puma with the ears folded back, they become more pointed and you can more easily incorporate that into your mountains. Perhaps think how you can keep the whiskers in there too. Take a look at how some of these logos represent mountains and visualize a catís folded ears with fur and flags:

            Right now your illustration looks more like the cat has had its ears and scalp lopped off and replaced with some kind of sponge. It just isnít working.


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              The only way to change her mind is to sketch out alternate ideas that you feel work better and yet incorporate mountains ad pumas in most likely a different fashion. If she still does't budge, give her what she wants and move on. Family or not.
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                What you've shown us are just rough sketches, but I don't think they're working out too well. And I'm not so sure it's entirely your sister's fault.

                The following aren't necessarily good (most are not and were found in a very quick Google search). I'm just saying there are many ways to make an interesting logo out of a mountain lion (cougar, puma) while incorporating both the cat and, even, the mountains.


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                  Doesnít say travelling photography blog to me. Perhaps this is a way to suggest something different and show off your skills.






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