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Making Healthcare Simple — Healthwiz: A Basic Interface Design for the Mobile App

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  • Making Healthcare Simple — Healthwiz: A Basic Interface Design for the Mobile App

    What are we doing?
    We built an interface for a startup company called Healthwiz. “HealthWiz powers the healthcare ecosystem to inform convenient, cost-effective, high-quality care decisions.” We thought we could design and create a possible interface for this app.

    What were our design choices?
    We focused on creating an interface that was approachable and had a consistent visual language easy for the user to understand. We chose a modern blue that had a calming presence. For our typefaces we wanted something that was modern, functional, and flexible enough to be read in different contexts. So we chose Tiempos Headline for the Heading type and Roboto as the body text.

    How did we improve?
    The feedbacks that we got from our critique were that the gradient color of our button is not consistent with the rest of the at visual elements, some of our grey text are too light, and
    a filter option on doctors list can help the user in finding a right doctor. Hearing these comments, we redesigned our app interface.

    Link to Presentation!

    What did we learn?
    We also could have considered the app interface design to be more aligned with the audience of the older demographic. For those users, having small font sizes would make the interface very hard to use.

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