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Please critique my jazz poster

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  • Please critique my jazz poster

    This was for a class project, didn't get a great grade not entirely sure why, be honest any and all critques help so much.

    Here was the rubric:
    The Poster should include the following in bold (not necessarily in this order):

    *Concert title: “Jazz with a Touch of Class”
    *Name of the band “Smackadoos”
    *Names of the musicians: Snowy on guitar, Milou on piano, Cici on drums, Jiffy on saxophone and Lulu on bass.
    *Date and time of the concert: Friday October 20, 2017, 6:30 - 9:00 pm
    *Location: Veterans Plaza, Downtown Silver Spring, MD
    *Sponsored by “Think Out of the Box Youth Association”

    The visual impact of the poster is important. The first impression of the poster design should clearly communicate that this is an announcement for a Jazz concert/music performance.

    Thank you

    Click image for larger version

Name:	jaazzz[ic.png
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    I'm going to assume the pixellating is due to compression to get it on the GDF.

    Your hierarchy is all messed up.
    What's most important? The title of the concert? But you've made that tinier, nearly equal to the band members, not to mention leading off the band members list.
    Or the band? Are the Smackadoos presenting ''A Touch of Class?''

    Or is the name of the band ''A Touch of Class?'' Why is there an unprintable green smackadoos on there then? (IOW, you've disconnected the band members from their band name.)

    The band members should be part of Smackadoos, and no, don't make them that hideous green.

    They should be a list, not a comma defined jumble. I'd take issue with the wording too.

    Decide who is the leader of the band. You seem to be highlighting the Sax player.

    The ''Touch of Class'' should associate with the big word Jazz. (we won't go into a sax being used as the J, pretty cliche but it sorta works here.)

    The date, time, venue name and venue location should be together, usually in that order - but not necessarily. Don't make the reader hunt for that information.

    The sponsor, probably a footnote, unless they're listed above the word Jazz as the ''presented by''

    Why have you added a gray? Why not keep the sax player silhouette in black?

    What is the stitch line and the red triangle and the spurious gray shapes on the names?

    What is a good reason to put keyboard keys at the bottom other than to fill in all that space? (which isn't a good enough reason.)

    In the words of my graphic design professor, ''Do over.''
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      Hi Niaboc and welcome to GDF.

      We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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        Definitely a do-over.

        One problem is you have too many quotation marks. You don't need them.

        Also, when listing the band members, you should not have Milou on one line, then "on piano" on the next line.Keep the musician and their respective instrument together
        You need to solve that issue with typography to make it more clear.

        I also hate having "on" to describe what the musician plays. Think about it, when have you ever seen that on credits?
        Just use a colon or something.
        The illustrations are doing nothing for the poster.
        You REALLY don't need to show a saxophone or piano keyboard.
        If I can't get a photo/photos of the musicians I'll look to something else to get design cues.

        I have almost never seen a good reason to do vertical type like you did with "THE SMACKADOOS" (and the color is not helping). In a band name like that, you need to consider the treatment of the "the". Very rarely should it get the same type treatment as the rest of the band name. I would also consider not having it in all-caps.
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          Coloring can make or break a piece. Jazz tends to be a moody, soulful music. The lime green does not fit that moody feel and it might have been better if you pushed you color scheme a bit further to add some drama. Orange, brown, burgundy or maroon..don't forget you can use color to help the heirarchy of info as well.

          Keep the physical size of the project in mind, how a A4 vs an 24x36 sized poster will dictate parts of your layout. In this particular case, I think a bit more of a margin would have helped.

          If you are going g to do an effect like a drop shadow, keep all similar elements together. The big saxaphone "J" looks a little lonely without his red drop shadow.

          Best of luck on your next project! Graphic design is definitely a "learn by doing" profession.






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