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    Hi everyone! For a Uni assessment, I was required to get feedback on a logo design in both 2D and 3D. Any feedback would be wonderful - images attached.
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    Tell me more about your 3D logo.
    How big?
    How thick?
    How far off the wall? (ie is it flush mounted or stood off and by how much)
    How far off the floor?
    How far from the left?
    Made out of what?
    Is that halo lighting?

    Business card, top right is focal, but not your first initial.
    Why the dot?

    As renderings go, whatever. As a designer, that is the minimal portion of showing a design concept. If it is done at all, it is a 10 minute exercise to better help the end client visualize, not a week's worth of work and a critique. When presenting a 3D concept it is very important to give some idea of scale.
    This is technically how a design concept for a 3D sign is rendered.
    Random internet link:
    There would be a second page showing a cross section and a dimensioned elevation.


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