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  • Logo Design-- Please Critique

    Hi! I'm completely new to graphic design; I created this logo for a school project. It's for a process serving company, and I'm trying to communicate a sense of professionalism and fast service. Since the company's main focus is delivering legal documents, I chose to represent this with a paper airplane. I chose a light blue color in order to give an impression of openness and friendliness. Does the design achieve this effectively?

    I'd love some constructive criticism-- thank you!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Rush Services Logo (Draft 1).png
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    Yousendit called. They want their logo back.
    (actually YSI is now under another name and logo.)

    A paper airplane and legal services don't quite come across as professional. Paper airplanes are a child's toy.
    Why the focus on ''open and friendly'' rather than legal and professional?

    Your tag line has some poor kerning.
    Is there a skinny blue border on the light blue shapes of the airplane?


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      Agreed with above comments.

      Perhaps try removing the logomark (airplane) and focus on the logotype?
      Have you thought of stripping it down to the below/attached? It feels much stronger.

      Have you explored all caps?
      Have you researched competitor logos?

      When you open the kerning for the tagline play with decreasing the type size by a couple points so the line will still tuck under the "rushservices".
      You could also try opening the leading space a bit between the two lines to allow for more breathing room.

      "rush" looks bigger than "services", unless this was intentional, it should be adjusted to optically match. Additionally, the x-height of both are not aligning. See how the bold s in "rush" and the light s in "services" are not the same height in the attached.
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        Originally posted by Cassidy314 View Post
        I chose a light blue color in order to give an impression of openness and friendliness. Does the design achieve this effectively?
        Yeah, maybe, but why would a process serving company want to appear open and friendly? These are the people who serve legal notices of lawsuits and divorces and such. People hate them, but they don't need to be liked by anyone other than by the attorneys who hire them. And even they don't need to like them -- they only need to know they're efficient, aggressive and, maybe even, ruthless in serving notices.

        Yes, light, baby blue is a friendly color, but it's also passive and calming, which is the opposite of the aggressive and efficient that seems more appropriate. Lower case is also friendly, but again, I really don't think you should stress the friendly angle -- fast and business-like seems more appropriate.

        As for the tagline (which isn't exactly a memorable or inspiring slogan), the kerning is off because there's no way you can track things that tightly and maintain a relatively even-looking amount of space between the letters. Space things out a bit. Besides, overly tight tracking makes it a bit difficult to read.

        Also, I didn't notice it at first, but Kaila58 makes a good point about the height of the letters. They really do need to be the same.


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          After reading through my critique, I think it comes across as overly negative. It's easy to point out what might be wrong or improved since that's the point of a critique. I think we sometimes forget, though, to point out what's right. So with that being the case, I like the paper airplane idea. Again, it suggest friendliness, but not necessarily in too strong of a way. It's also a nice way to incorporate papers and delivery and, perhaps, speed into one simple logo. And speaking of simple, your whole composition really is quite clean and simple, which is another positive.


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            services fim. F I M?


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              In my view, "attorney services" might be too vague, if the company actually just serves papers. And I think the airplane is cute, but it doesn't add enough clarity to carry its weight.

              I also feel it's too wordy for a logo. How about reduce it to maybe Rush in giant bold well-spaced letters, with "process service" underneath in a smaller font?

              However, I like your typography choices, and the contrast between light and heavy.


              • PrintDriver
                PrintDriver commented
                Editing a comment
                I like the typography choices as long as no ever asks to make that tag line copy in anything other than a print. Possibly cut vinyl if the sign is big enough. No way that is ever being made dimensional.
                Skinny fonts, a trend that needs to end.

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              Originally posted by kaila58 View Post
              Agreed with above comments...
              Hi Kaila and welcome to GDF.

              We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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                Warm colors are generally considered to be friendly. Black & blue are not warm.

                Tagline is hella awkward.

                It may be safe to assume that fast service is a major value point, if not THE value point, going by the name of the business. A paper airplane doesn't do anything to promote this value, at least not as currently rendered.


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                  I think maybe chatting to business about removing 'the' and 'firm' from the tag also you have services twice, in my opinion, it doesn't help either.






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