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A tattoo and sticker design...

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  • A tattoo and sticker design...

    This one was kind of an odd request for a friend. He is into woodworking and wanted an illustration of him turning wood on a lathe. His business is making pens and pencils on the lathe. This was all his 'vision' he just needed me to put it on paper for him.

    He wants to use the illustration for a decal for his truck and also for a tattoo that he has been wanting to have done.

    He was thrilled with how it turned out and I was too. I know (and so does he) that it won't have near as much detail in the 'tat', but the sticker should turn out pretty cool I think.

    It's all done in illy with the exception of the woodgrain in the word 'SAWDUST'.

    So, there you have it...whadda ya think?
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    I think the pen in the middle should have more of a woodgrain on it.
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      it's a great illustration. I like the wood shavings around the word 'sawdust'. Nice touch.
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        i'd love to see the tattoo after it gets done. please update us at that time.
        nice work as always.
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          an odd choice for a tat but hey, whatever floats his boat!

          and proof that YNOT excels in skills other than kick ass cars
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            I love the illustration, but the tool being used is called a gouge, and it's normally used for the rough beginning work on a wood turning, while other tools are used to do the finer finishing work. The pen being turned seems to be in the final stages of turning, just prior to sanding. If you were to use a gouge at that point, it would chew the pen to shreads. At least, that's the way I understand it. However, the gouge is a more recognizable wood turning tool, so perhaps it is appropriate in this case.


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              Nice illo...would love to see the tat when it's done.


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                Looks great YNOT .. love your illustration abilities
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                  good illustration...fingernails look a little to pink though..unless he is into that kinda thing
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