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    How's it going with the use of your Invoice in the Commercial? CKret?
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      Originally posted by BJMRamage View Post
      How's it going with the use of your Invoice in the Commercial? CKret?
      A few days ago I spoke with their lawyer on the phone and just asked them to stop to using my logo. I requested that in their next commercial, currently in the works, that they replace my logo with something else. I don't want to be affiliated or associated with them in any way. I didn't demand anything from them (compensation via product or money), just to stop using my logo. They agreed to this, but they also tried to tell me that I should see this as a privilege that they used my logo without my written/verbal permission. I lol'ed at him...

      In the end I was happy enough with outcome.
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        Whats this about a commercial?


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          Hey Thomas, hope you don't mind me calling you so formally, but I'm a recent Desiger/Interactive grad and am working with freelance currently and you wouldn't believe how many hours, actually days I've spent looking for articles, examples or tips on branding business collateral. Your post was more then insightful and helpfut but overall gave me a great jumping off point on what direction to go towards. Thanks a lot. One question I have when it comes to contracts, and excuse my "greeness", Do you write them your self or involve legal personnel?


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