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    Actually what if I put the wavy line design on the front along with the text, and put the "Hold on to the moment" stuff on the back of the shirt without the "GHS Music Dpt." mumbo jumbo.

    Or vice versa.


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      ^ That's where the design should be going. I like this last one the best because it's witty but not childish. You want a t-shirt you guys will pull out of your closet 5 or 10 years from now and go, "wow, high school was great." The typography looks a bit generic, but I know you've tried lots of fonts so far so keep trying, it takes practice to get it right and even experienced designers go through a number of fonts before finding the right one.


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        I like the previous one better, personally, but I think that's mostly because of the font. I like the curvy font that you used in #2, but think that something more solid would work better. The blocky sans serif font used in versions 1 and 3 doesn't appeal to me here.

        I also liked the more whimsical, flowing staff over the plainer one in the latest version, but either would work.

        The "hold" idea is cute, I think that would tie in nicely on the back of the shirt.

        I'm still in favor of dropping the word "Department" though, as you did on this latest submission.

        Keep your hierarchy in mind for the text. Make sure that you're placing the emphasis on the MOST important text first... particularly on the "hold" side. At the moment, nothing really stands out because there isn't a lot of variation in the text size.

        It might be worth experimenting with doing the word "Galion" in all caps on the front of the shirt, if you're setting "MUSIC" in all caps to see if it reads well. Maybe make the word "Galion" larger, as well, and reduce the size of "High School" a little bit.

        So long as you're sticking to one font for the rest of the shirt, I wonder if changing the font for "Hold on to the moment" might look nice. I have a hard time visualizing this without actually doing it though, so I couldn't tell you for sure unless I saw it.

        One more thing, if you have "Galion High School" written out on the front of the shirt, I think you could get away with using "GHS" on the back, instead of writing the whole thing out again. That might help put more emphasis on the "Hold on..." bit as well.
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          The fermata with "Hold on to the moment" cracked me up. I love it for the back of the shirt, without the other copy.

          Morea's given you very good advice, so I'll stop here.
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            ditto morea and garricks.






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