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    Hi I am working on a website design and the client wants to have rotating images in the header part, to display various athletes competing. I am currently using a photoshop mask effect to blend the photos into each other, but am feeling that this look is a bit dated. I am wondering whether you have any suggestions of alternative ways I could display these images in the header. They have 20 images in all, so I think I would have to display at least 3/4 at a time for the rotating banner affect to make sense. Thanks
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    when you say rotating images, do you mean the images will fade in and out?

    a better way might be to keep some images as is, blending the edges into each other, and then remove the background from other images, position them in front then arrange them in an interesting montage. takes a bit more work that way though.


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      A few comments...

      It seems odd that the search bar is in black... generally they are in white and then it will stand out more.

      For the photographs. I would suggest instead of fading go to a basic white bar between them all if they are going to constantly rotate out between others. This will make it clean and concise. Also could all the photos be in the sames size box? right now the sizes feel awkward.
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        Yes the images will fade in and out, one set (of 3/4 images) at a time. So we are seeing set 1 here at the moment.

        Do you mean each image will have the same size, or they will all fit into a specific frame as a set?


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          Fit into a specific frame as a set... or you could make them all the same size and then they could change out separately instead of as sets.
          I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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            ok got that


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              Can you not try to convince the client that the site would look better without the image? :-)






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