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My poster for my Graphic Animation Novel

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  • My poster for my Graphic Animation Novel

    Hey all ive recently just finished making a poster in adobe for my Graphic animation novel. I done it for one of my college courses. It was my first time using adobe photoshop and i wondered what you guys thought of it.

    If you are interested in watching it the links are below.

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    reminds me of half life 2! Whats the theme? Looks like some sort of futuristic zombie dystopia.

    The illustrations in the background are well rendered, but Im not sure what youre trying to convey - the guy on the right is looking at the shadow on the wall bhind him, as if he's being pursued, but the girl looks like shes waiting in a queue for an ATM, and the guy in centre looks like he's taking a leak.

    I dont like the head in the foreground. youve got posterisation in the highlights on his forehead, and I can make out individual pixels in his eyes.

    The title doesnt look right either - looks very generic. I would use a different font, bump up the size a lot, maybe tilt it slightly and have it bleed off the edge. It looks pretty plain at the moment.

    A good start though - would be keen to see the next version.


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      I like it

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