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  • Web Interface: Feedback Please

    I still haven't started coding the site (not quite my strongpoint... I'm heavily reviewing some Dreamweaver tuts here and there to get the hang of it. If it comes to that, I'll go with SiteGrinder), but I would like some community feedback before doing so.

    The focus of the site is simplicity, and guiding the users eyes to points of interest through contrast of grayscale and color coding. Simplicity is another thing I tried to make clear, to not steal focus from what is really important: the images. The website is going to be used to present digital art pieces and photographs (It's a collab project, me and a fellow photographer) for a contest.

    When it comes to making the gallery, I was thinking about using the automatic Web Gallery function in photoshop, edit the HTML to have a transparent background, and iframe it on a seperate page. Down below is how I envision the gallery page looking.

    Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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    Ugh. You mentioned an iframe. I can't possibly consider interacting with you now.


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      Originally posted by dmerfield View Post
      Ugh. You mentioned an iframe. I can't possibly consider interacting with you now.
      what an incredibly useful and insightful critique.


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        What's wrong with an iframe? I'm sorry, is it frowned upon in the designer community? I wasn't aware of this.


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          Originally posted by greedo View Post
          what an incredibly useful and insightful critique.


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            Keep on topic, please. Please review this post, both of you.
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              OK, back to the critique.

              This is certainly a good start, I realise this is early in the design process.

              However, the page feels off-balanced. Large, centrally aligned paragraphs of reversed type don't tend to work very well.

              I suggest you read up on typography, especially reversed type. A few tips:

              - Darken your body copy colour.
              - Increase your body copy text-size.
              - Increase your line-height.
              - Left align the body copy.

              What do you think?


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                What is the intent of the site? You mentioned there will be a gallery section. Does this mean its a personal portfolio? Web site for a photographer? Fill us in on your intent so we can give better advice.
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                  Originally posted by Jeir View Post

                  The website is going to be used to present digital art pieces and photographs (It's a collab project, me and a fellow photographer) for a contest.
                  Basically yes, it's a portfolio site. It will be a one time use only though, as it's going to be submitted for a latin american design contest (highschool-college level only). The designer should pick a theme/concept and try to portray it. I'm not sure if I will be hosting it or simply sending in the HTML files.

                  My partner and I (two person project) will be applying for two categories, one being the "Digital Content" category (web design & digital art) & the other being Photography. I'll be using the website to double as an entree for Digital Content and a method to display our Photography/digital art works.

                  Also, thanks for the feedback dmerfield =D

                  I fixed the odd balancing on the page a bit, so it's looking nice and uniform now.

                  Going on to your typographical suggestions: I placed the text layer behind the shading gradients I had used to give them a sense of being part of the picture, and thus darken the color at the same time. I also implemented your suggestions, and quite frankly it looks much sexier with your suggestions

                  But it's come to me that the huge paragraph steals focus from the message that the images try to convey (and as you mentioned, large reverse type paragraphs don't work very well), so I'm thinking about having a seperate page to harbor that body text, and put in it's place a nice victorian styled navigation bar.

                  (On a side note, that paragraph basically is going to say what is the purpose or "message" that the website portrays. So it would be more logical to include it in an about page along with short bios of me and my accomplice of the arts.)

                  I'll upload another draft when I'm done with this school essay.






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