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  • Software portal site logo

    Hey guys,

    Been working on a logo for my company's software portal site. The site is all about providing knowledge to those who want to learn more about software while also providing a service to those wanting to buy software. Hope that makes sense.

    Here's a few ideas I had:
    Attached Files

  • #2
    It is a bit boring - a little predictable - trying thinking beyond cogs, what does software and learning mean to you? make it something exciting?
    Your opening doors, teaching people to do things, quicker, better, easier.
    providing them with the means to express themselves


    • #3
      Thanks for your response, I suppose the image doesn't really jump out at me, I'll have another go at it.


      • #4
        The space between "know" and "how" seems awkward.
        If you can do it nicely, I'd try joining the 2 words or separate the ".info" from the "how"
        so they're either all joined, or all separated. I hope that makes sense.

        Other than that, it's nice and neat... but the cogs are very boring.


        • #5
          I agree with Jam, these look nice, but gears are way over-done.

          You say that the site is about providing knowledge and selling software, so maybe you could use something that combines a book (in the right context is often know as a repository of knowledge) and a folder like you see in computers. Try to think of other things that could be used to symbolize one or both. A thought balloon for knowledge perhaps?

          While I recognize the necessity for a basis of observed reality... true art lies in a reality that is felt. -Odilon Redon


          • #6
            Ok I may have gone a little crazy with the idea but I'm playing around with new things here.

            I did still like the idea of the cogs but I've merged them into something that represents knowledge.

            Just wanted to know the opinion on this to be honest, is it taking the idea too far?
            Attached Files


            • #7
              I still find the cogs a problem but like the idea of an owl.
              Try sketching the ideas out with a pencil and only design in black and white - you'll reduce your image down to it's bacis form (fax or photocopied letter head) if it works at this level then it will be even better once you add colour.
              At the moment your owl will disappear into a blob.


              • #8
                For the newest idea, the grey perspective part is really odd and incorrect. I get it you want to give those two gears some 3d effects, but it makes the gear glasses looks like a masque mask. Pobably a lot better go without it.

                Anyway, dig the trying spirit, at least it's a different angle from the former three.


                • #9
                  Gave it a little more colour this time to balance out the image and the text, I'm quite pleased with the result but still not quite satisfied with the spacing in the know how. Put too close together it reads as kno whow and adding a space before .info doesn't improve the image much either.
                  Attached Files


                  • #10
                    I'd simplify the whole thing, the cogs are too complicated and the ouline on the blue text looks too thick to me , I'd also get rid of the glass type web 2.0 effect on the text.


                    • #11
                      Try just using solid colors on the blue areas between and inside the gears.
                      Also, make a decision on that outline on the text. It's just at that middle ground between being an asset and why bother.


                      • #12
                        I like the idea of combining owls with gears, but they way you have executed it is a bit too complex at the moment. its more of a graphic rather than a logo. strip out all the extrudes and gradients - work in black and white only (no greyscale).


                        • #13
                          Right did some more work on the image itself and I've tried to reduce the 'clutter' and simplify it while keeping the look of the owl intact. I've also removed any colour.

                          Have to say thanks to all those who've commented, very helpful indeed!
                          Attached Files


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