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  • Drink label design (wip)

    So its the end of the semester and ive been tasked with comeing up with a drink, container, and expanded items (ie billboards, signs, t shirts, t shirts for your cat).

    Ive been through several different phases of this but ive decided on the name at least and the bottle. The bottle is the shape of a spade and is about 10inches tall and 8 wide and 4 inches thick from front to back.

    The liquid will be blue, and this is an adult beverage. This is done in illustrator and this is just a nasty jpeg so ignore the white lines around everything.

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    I like the shape of the rings and believe it has potential, but not the lines where they overlap / underlap, ie its difficult to know which is over which, because all the outlines are visible. Maybe that is your aim, but my brain instinctively wants to unravel the stacking order, but it cant. I also thought Heaven should have a capital H. I know you have a capital N at the end of heaveN, but maybe you can still try a capital H, since the lower case L next to it is a tall letter anyway.

    "Could I have 6 bottles of Celestial Heaven please, and 2 bags of nuts", sounds a bit naff. I think a new name for the baby might help before it grows too much. The "celestial" is obviously driving the spacey type font which does suit the spacey feel of the ellipses, but I just feel there is a nicer name not to far away.
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      Mmm its a fairly large bottle, so it would be sold in singles. Its about the size ofa large woodfor reserve bottle. I think ill remove some of the lines to create a better order.


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        Isn't Heaven a place or are you referring to it as a location.

        Like school, shopping mall would be lower case, but Germany, America would be capitalised.

        I'd be worried about the naming of the product as it could alienate people who are not religious, or are simply of a different religion that doesn't refer to Heaven and Hell.

        Perhaps a rethink on the brand name, excluding people because of religion is a bad thing, unless your target is a religious community?

        I'd thread carefully with this name, perhaps?

        Anyway, the rings are ok, I presume they're representing halos?

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          those thin red lines will disappear when scaled down and the text will be illegible. think small before you think big. i'm not a fan of the name either, after a few drinks that might be cumbersome to say

          "There's something about turning the pages of a book or magazine and the felling of rubbing your hands across the words."

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            Gonna do a bit more work on the rings and remove some of the lines.

            Also as for the religious thing, i dont care. I'm aetheist and it doesnt bother me. I understand some people may not like it but, its just a drink they can get over it.

            As for the name, theres plenty other adult beverage names that are for more complicated. If you look most people abbreviate most alcoholic drink names anyway.

            Makers Mark = Makers
            Jagermeister = Jager
            Jack Daniels = Jack
            Southern Comfort = Soco

            You get my point msot become abbreviated so I dont think the name needs to be changed.


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              Well your drink has now been abbreviated to "Chav", thanks for playing.

              Jack Daniels is abbreviated to JD over here. And Souther Comfort to Southy. Whatever, nobody commented on what it will abbreviated, well I did just now.

              It's not really what you care about when it comes to marketing, it's about public perception. But if you want to name a drink that then go for it.

              Your choice.

              I don't like the font.

              "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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                Originally posted by eugenetyson View Post
                Well your drink has now been abbreviated to "Chav", thanks for playing.

                Jack Daniels is abbreviated to JD over here. And Souther Comfort to Southy. Whatever, nobody commented on what it will abbreviated, well I did just now.

                I don't like the font.
                Never heard Jack Daniels called JD and same thing with Southern Comfort. Southern Comfort even calls themselves Soco. Apparently whereever you are you come up with some weird names lol.

                The assignment isn't so much focused on marketing, but even if it was I still believe your being to picky of the religious issue, but thena gain we did have people who burned harry potter because its the devil.


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                  Welllll - I can't argue with that.

                  I'm from Ireland. We know our alcohol here, believe me you.

                  "May your hats fly as high as your dreams"Michael Scott


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                    Any suggestions on the font then.


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                      There is a problem with the name.

                      The other examples you gave really aren't complicated conceptually.

                      "celestial heaven' is just plain awkward.

                      overall the piece needs more refinement and a more cohesive concept.

                      The design really isn't saying much. It sort of has a half-realized illustrator doodle look to it.
                      The colors need refinement. They are a bit unsophisticated and kinda look like you're using a default pallette. As they say in painting, you are working straight from the tube.

                      I'd first refine the name. It sounds like something someone's mom would pick for her son's rock band.

                      Second, I would refine the logo mark. Have it relate to the product. Do this in black & white.

                      Third: The typography isn't doing anything. You need to work that more, have it firt with the product.

                      Fourth: Work up a color harmony. Several of them.

                      BTW: What KIND of adult beverage? Is this a cheap products for the very young adults, or a more high-end product?
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                        The sci-fi looking font isn't helping. Contrasting shapes have their place, but this is just fighting too much with the shape of your mark. Explore some different ways of relating the text to the mark. Right now it's just kind of sitting there. Centered underneath isn't always bad, but surely there are more things to try.

                        Does a bottle the shape of a spade relate in any way to the name or company branding, or is it just a random funky shape?

                        The name Celestial Heaven doesn't really bother me one way or another though as an otherwise confidently masculine male, I wouldn't feel that cool ordering one. Also, it strikes me as somewhat redundant. A bit liking saying Canine Dog.


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                          Originally posted by GeneticWheel View Post
                          Never heard Jack Daniels called JD and same thing with Southern Comfort. Southern Comfort even calls themselves Soco. Apparently whereever you are you come up with some weird names lol.

                          Never heard Southern Comfort referred to as "SoCo" in a bar. I'm in the US, by the way)

                          Have heard Jack Daniels referred to as "JD" as well as "Jack".

                          Point being, different areas/cultures refer to different brands... well, differently.

                          On to the design:
                          The size of your type is very small in comparison to your logomark. The name (which has no brand recognition at the moment) will be lost at print size and practically illegible from across the bar.

                          The font is hard to read even now in it's isolated form. With the clutter of all the competitive brands in the bar, it will be impossible.

                          The overlapping circle graphic seems arbitrary. What are they suppose to evoke or represent exactly? As others have said, the red lines will be lost or too thin to make much of an impact visually.

                          Is this a school assignment? Or will this be introduced to the world as a real product?

                          If it is a school assignment, the naming is moot as it is merely an exercise to design a label.

                          If it is to be a real product, then more attention needs to be paid to the naming and marketability of the final product.

                          The fact that you are an atheist and don't care much about the religious connotations is irrelevant. Your target market (presumably alcohol drinkers, worldwide) is more of a factor than your personal feelings.

                          Who is your target market for this "adult beverage"?
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                            Thanks i have a better idea now of what needs to be done. Ill toss up some more rendetions this afternoon.


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                              I do like the circle graphic, but it should be a solid shape, with no lines. I think it would look quite nice wrapped around a normal bottle - however its perhaps a little feminine.

                              Im also getting a 'late 1990s rave' feel from this, the name and type choice dont help. fine if youre targeting that market, but you havent mentioned that specifically. I dont like the name, its tautological and again has that 90s rave feel to it, which comes off as trying a bit too hard.

                              I wouldnt bother with the spade shaped bottle - what would this look like as a mockup? what does a spade shaped bottle look like anyway, and how does it relate to the name, the colours, graphics or indeed energy drinks in any way? I would feel pretty weird buying s drink in such a bottle.






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